[] Sky God - totally green mage, strong meme Druid, easy SR 80+


The idea behind this build is to use proc Sky Fragment from suffix of Fallen Skies on rare items. I tried to put maximum of these procs on the character. So that it is thematic I decided for a Druid using Trozan’s Sky Shard and Wind Devils for resistance reduction. Sky Fragment has 1.5 second skill recharge so you want to use Eternity relic to shorten it often. I decided to choose Stormcaller’s Pact instead of Star Pact because it would interrupt using Chain Lightning skill from component and it gives a lot of critical damage. Star Pact would give like 0.3 seconds more often TSS but I don’t find it worth choosing it. It is a funny and powerful build with constant barrage of projectiles from the sky :slight_smile:

BUILD IS FOR GDSTASHERS ONLY because of crazy double rare items that cannot be realistically found in the game!!!

I have other totally green builds here. I also have other lightning casters here. All my builds are here.

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23boQYN

Monster Infrequents were chosen in such way to fix things in the build (resistances, additional bonuses to skills etc.). Pick shoulders with as little conversion as possible so that you have dual damage build against resistant enemies. Crafting bonuses on both boots and gloves are to freeze resistance.

Stats of the build


high damage 2600 % cold, 2800 % lightning + spirit dump

high critical damage 98 % (you often crit around 3x multiplier)

high OA (almost 3600 in game)

OK resistance reduction from Wind Devils, Elemental Storm and Hand of Ultos


OK life - almost 15 000 in game

OK DA (around 2900 in game)

huge lifesteal - 25 %

Ghoul + Bat (vitality conversion to lightning)

Wendigo Totem

fumble and impaired aim on Wendigo Totem from the helm

Prismatic Rage from component

aether and chaos flat damage absorption from component

overcapped resistances

high important CC resistances except trap (doesn’t really matter, Benny is easy)

OK armor - over 2400

low physical resistance - 15 % (you have great lifesteal and OK armor) - with best rolls on items 18 %

image from the game with passive buffs only



I play SR with camera pointed away from enemies and I try my builds only in SR 65-66 and SR 80. I play around 10 SR runs per character.

SR 65-66 is very easy. Build also does SR 80 easily. It behaves like a glass cannon so play accordingly. It can go higher but I don’t push my characters higher. Change Rune to Amatok’s Breath for SR.

I don’t have a time number for Crucible because I don’t play it.

Images from SR 80


pff with next patch all of those greens can be farmed legit in no time!


Yeah we will also get Nicolas Cage next patch… Ingame, that is.

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Nic Cage mode loyalist pack incomming!

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You mean hail mamba will be no more?

The GD stashing days are counted!

Steven Spielberg’s Falling Skies season 1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You deserves the classic! :wink:



I have updated this build with a new link for patch version. Let’s hope that it will be now achievable even for non GD stastahers.

Really interesting and strong build but items are almost impossible to farm as you said. Can you share the character file? I really like to try the build. Thanks for sharing.

Here it is. _Sky God.zip (545.5 KB)

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Very nice! Love to see i!t :heart:
Glad I’m not the only one who also did this even tho I went for the full skyshard meme-dream with shyshard spell blade & non myth stormseer sapphire :rofl: cuz you can never have enough skyshards, right?! :crazy_face:
Cheers, Mergo! :slight_smile:

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I am retesting my older builds for SR 80. I revisited this build and it can do SR 80 easily.

I don’t like to play SR much but SR 65-66 and SR 80 are easily accessible. So I will from now on test my builds in SR 80 as well.