[] Spinning Freezer - freeze2win Templar - freeze enemies + spin2win, SR 65+

first and last offtopic since i cant pm you xD

GD version is everything less than that is too outdated? a lot of builds says 1.1.x.x

BTW thanks for the help

The beginner spinner in my guide that @Duchy linked to or @Nerys shieldbreaker A to Z are good start [] Shieldbreaker from A to Z, including end game, budget build+leveling guide

No not really, some builds have updates even though thread title is not corrected. You can always ask in that particular thread for updates or changes

1.1.4.x and 1.1.5.x are pretty much similar to 1.1.6.x

No, if it is after FG release then most of the time it will not be outdated. And even older builds with few changes will be OK.

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thanks to both @malawiglenn and @Duchy, i saw a lot of builds of you but i tho was oudated!

beginner builds are still just using placeholder items so they are not “final” builds so 95% of all the information needed for a beginner is still relevant. If something looks wierd, just ask :slight_smile:

I will start to update my guides when next patch 1.1.7 is like 2 weeks old and have gotten hot-fixes

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