[] The Fleeting God - Meme Build - Ridiculous resists, blast shield, resilience

Hi guys :smiley:
I made a meme build that is looking terribly exciting and silly to play. The idea is that the build is actually very average UNTIL your hp drops below ~60%, and then you’re unkillable for ~5 seconds. Hence, fleeting and godly :wink:

Check out the resistances with all buffs up. This is accompanied with 2000 damage absorption from Blast Shield. Yay! Blast Shield lasts 7 seconds and has 9.5s cooldown. Resilience lasts 5 seconds and has 11s cooldown.

Enjoy :wink:


Edit: …and here’s a version with some cooldown so you can get your divine buffs back up shortly afterward. Only use blackwater cocktail when resilience and blast shield have worn off to ensure the timing of Time Dilation - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2G0eLlV

Ikrix Scale? ^^

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I assume your dps is kinda unsatisfying?
Some of the items you used lead towards retaliation. Since a shieldbraker isnt that far off for that, do you think one could make a retal version of this build, with higher dps?

I haven’t tested the build, just a theorycraft with the intentional for it to be more thematic than functional (hence, memey :P) .

I think creating a 2hander ret build is a niche thing that requires fairly specific gear combinations, and having this maxed out pimp’d Blast Shield build also uses fairly specific gear combinations. I think the 825 flat fire retal that max’d blast shield offers pales in comparison to the benefits of a good sword ‘n’ board build without relying on blast shield at all, so… it may be possible to create a cool hybrid, but in terms of functionality, I don’t think it would necessarily help!