[] The Green Arsonist - Aether DW Fire Strike Sorcerer - SR 65-66

This is probably not an entirely novel build idea but I’ve been working on it this week and I like the results.


The build centers around dual Dreadfire daggers for high speed and potent spreading debuff and a Mythical Cord of Violent Decay that combines with them for 100% Aether conversion of Fire Damage. Of course the Shattered Guardian set is tanky as hell and helps push the build into higher SR and Crucible.

Craft 2 items for pierce resist if you want, but honestly with the boost to resist augments it’s not crucial to do so.

Interestingly, I initially tried a similar build to this with 2x Heart of Theodin Marcell and Fleshwarped Strike and it just felt so damn floppy in comparison. Things really clicked with Fire Strike and the Dreadfire daggers; Fire Strike brings AOE that Fleshwarped Strike lacks, and Dreadfire’s spreading debuff combined with Aether Corruption really softens everything from a crowd of trash to a boss room. It ain’t a super fast boss killing build but it gets the job done.

I feel like if I could somehow get Fire Strike maxed and/or kick up Fabric of Reality a little more I may be able to sustainably push higher, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to make that work.

SR 66 Boss Room video below. Sorry for the slop, I took a bad hit.