[] Twilight Spinner - insane DW aether + chaos EoR Templar, SR 80+

I’m good homie

Hey @Duchy, any chance you can post the character to the forums so I can give it a spin? (Pun intended)

I have very little time to play but want to see how it plays. Thanks

Edit - file is no longer here

I will leave it here for couple of hours then delete it. Don’t forget to use rune for OA reduction (and skeletons) and Vire for procing Korvaak.



for the memes I made this awhile back… https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQaXLXN
It wasnt very impressive :sweat_smile:

or if this one had attack speed or da https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1LvrY2

The WD is low for 2H weapon.

I have not yet tried a 2H EoR. I will think of something.

Shieldbreaker is bad for EoR. I have found it out with my previous two aether spinners. I am not sure why, stats were good. Perphaps it is just because of thermite mines.

Even with this one I tried Shieldbreaker first but Templar was clearly better.

I made some small changes to this build resulting in better procing of Korvaak and a slight skill change because of it. It also improved gameplay.

I have made more changes to this build. I changed Aetherfire for Guardian’s Gaze and Korvaaak binding to GoE. I also changed components and some skillpoints. Build is now better both offensively and defensively despite lower sheet DPS.

This build got nice buffs this patch and the result is it can do SR 80. It can finally kill Reaper. Enemy resistances were lowered, EoR got a buff and Guardian’s Gaze’s lifesteal was tripled. I will have to redo the lists comparing various types of my builds in the coming weeks.