[] Work In Progress - Nightbringer Rotgheist Vitality Archon

So I’ve been farming Morgoneth a lot, got his stuff, and sat on it a while. And then I saw Rotgheist, tried to match it with the Nightbringer, and it just seemed to click.

Here’s the project :

I’m asking for advice. As far as I see, no one has posted a Nightbringer Rotgheist Archon yet. This is my first attempt at a build of my own and at least I’ve got an original concept, but I’d like help with the fine-tuning. I just don’t really know what I’m doing.

The basic combo makes sense. Nightbringer gives excellent conversions, and all the lightning from Shaman will be converted by Rotgheist. And, with a 2-hander, Shaman gives a lot of lightning.

Both Oathkeeper and Shaman support Vitality, in particular, they give two strong RR sources. So far so good.

I love both Primal Strike and Vire’s Might. I choose Savagery over Righteous Fury because its lightning will be fully converted and Morgoneth’s Prime Rings converts some of the Bleeding to Vitality Decay (have I got that right ?). Devouring Swarm is a no-brainer here.
I choose Stormcaller’s Pact because the Electrocute converts to V Decay, the Crit damage is nice and so’s the Stun Res.

I must admit, I choose the rest of my gear without a big plan, just what seemed best (and was already in my mules’ inventory). Vitality-compatible, Archon-friendly purple gear.

I lifted my devotions wholesale from another 2H vitality build :

(the Death Keeper, third build in the post)
and it seems to fit rather well here.

I’m fairly happy with the result. I seems functional. Lotsa HP, 40% Phys Res, 26% AdctH (and extra life leech on some skills and procs as well), decent CC Res, it seems fairly tanky overall (except I couldn’t overcap my Res as much as I’d like, and I fall a little short on Chaos Res).
Offensively, it should be decent as well. Vire’s Might and Primal Strike are my nukes, and Savagery should deal good damage as well, with the WPS from both classes.

Question : should I try to add Storm Totems or Wendigo Totems ? Is Necrosis the best relic for this build (I’ve considered Serenity) ? Which attribute should I push ? What to do with my skill points ?

I’d like to add that my objective here is to reach SR 60 (and get the SR set). Everything beyond that would be nice :wink: but first things first.

Thanks in advance to everyone who brings advice and constructive criticism.

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Not with only 1 point in each node :thinking:

That won’t be the case either with basically no attack speed.

Honestly the base idea is good, so execute it : make Primal Strike and Vire’s Might nukes, meaning max them, and take a proper exclusive. You want damage, so you want offensive skills maxed. To fully capitalize on the CDR part of rotgheist and Nightbringer, choose Path of the Three and keep Primal a nuke, with either Savagery or Righteous Fervor only as a filler for their second node that grants good buffs.

Something like that would work better : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p9oveV
I removed some useless skills (Devils, Primal Spirit) and focused more the points, that still needs refining.

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I assembled this kind of build in this way: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62a8yKbN .
If you are planning to deal damage with Vire’s Might and Primal Strike, then focus your investments into these skills. Even with hard-capping the skills I can’t say that damage is very high. However, the build has a good balance between damage and survivability, comfortable in piloting and works well in campaign. For crucible I don’t recommend it. Have not try it in shards yet, but should be moderately good.