[] Kilrian's Shattered Guardian Cold Saboteur


When I saw Galeslice's Mark in the patch, I wanted to play a character using it. I looked up cold damage saboteurs and came across this build by mad_lee. I like playing my characters from level 1 to 100, so I wanted to find a way to play it without Nex and Ortus. With this in mind, I decided on using Kilrian's Skullbreakers and decided to build around that instead. I wanted to see if having a 188% Weapon Damage Fire Strike along with Nightblade WPS would be able to make up for discarding Nex and Ortus. In order to do so I had to change the devotions in order to get flat resistance reduction, but after that I think it turned out alright.


Naked MIs Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7RjBv2
Current Old Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MG3B0Z
Current Build w/ Lucky Pants: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZe5gL0Z

Permanent Buffs only:

Permanent Buffs + Pneumatic Burst + Lethal Assault:

I’ve also included some snapshots I took during the leveling process:

Level 50: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVl454oV
Level 65: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BvbQJ2
Level 92: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxjRR5N
Level 100: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrkzlLN


Belt and medal are mandatory, as together they give 100% fire damage converted to cold.

Weapons are also mandatory for me because I wanted to build around them. My aim when farming them was to find some with “of Alacrity” suffix and a relevant prefix.

Shattered Guardian Set gives lots of skill points and tankiness. Plus it is easy to farm good rolls since you can exit the reward chamber, hop back in the portal, and look at the refreshed shop.

The rest of the items help with resists and getting Lethal Assault and Firestrike as high as I could get it.

As you can see in the naked MIs build, you can have complete resistances at the cost of having 87% instead of 100% armor absorption. I was lucky enough to find a medal that gave some chaos resistance and rolled some pierce resistance when crafting my rings, so I could replace the spellscorched plating with scaled hide to hit 100% armor absorption and still have all my resistances over 83%.


  • 188% WD Fire Strike with 10% modified damage & Nightblade WPS
  • The weapon damage on Fire Strike makes great use of the flat damage from Lethal Assault and also from Chilling Weapons.
  • With 1 hard point in Execution, you get 188% WD from Fire Strike, multiplied by 1.1 from the transmuter, then 2.45 from execution. When it procs, it does ~506% weapon damage.
  • -102% cold resistance reduction (-27% Thermite Mines, -28% Night’s Chill, -23% Rumor, -24 Raise the Dead)
  • 20% Reduced resistances from Viper


  • 31% dodge
  • 26% deflect
  • 25% chance for Fumble / Impaired aim
  • 4 circuit breakers (Blast Shield, Prismatic Rage, Shatterguard, Ghoulish Hunger)
  • 16% reduced target’s damage (Black Blood of Yugol)
  • Okay physical resist
  • -226 OA to enemies (Rumor & Veil of Shadow)
  • Okay Amour and DA

Stats / Accomplishments:

  • Dummy Kill Time ~29 seconds
  • Mad Queen Kill Time ~12 seconds (With all 4 circuit breakers, facetanking is possible)
  • Killed Lokarr
  • Cleared all rogue-like dungeons
  • Cleared SR66 (Vid)

Final Thoughts:


  • 188% WD Fire Strike
  • 4 Circuit Breakers
  • 16% ADCtH
  • Made use of items I found fun


  • Some resistances are barely overcapped
  • Lacking somewhat in the AOE department
  • Feels squishy in Shattered Realm
  • Needs decent rolls on weapons and medal to really come alive

I was pleasantly surprised that this build could be leveled from 1 to 100 as a cold saboteur and clear all the main campaign and do SR65 once geared. I haven’t tried any celestial other thank Lokarr, but I may try them later. It is not the strongest or tankiest character I’ve ever played but I wanted to share this cold saboteur that made use of Kilrian’s Skullbreakers.

Patches None of the items/devotions have been touched, build remains unchanged. Prismatic Diamond was nerfed, but I think it is still the best component in the helm for this build.

This is also my first time posting a build, so please let me know if there’s anything I need to change. Thanks!

5/12/2021: Added video of SR66 bossroom
1/24/2021: Added OA shred to defense section, switched up devotion bindings according to @Stupid_Dragon’s suggestion.
1/26/2021: Update


Welcome to the Forum and nice build presentation!

Good build!

He would want a video proof :sob: :sob: :sob:

Looks very solid, especially considering it’s the first time you’re posting a build and it’s legit. I only question Amatok on Fire Strike while Rumor on Bladespirits.

Finally a cold Sabo that isn’t N&O. Still melee though (:
In my opinion, you should get 1 point into Nightfall and bind Rumor to Shadow Strike. That way you are going to immediadely shred enemie’s resistances when you jump on them.


Maybe someday, someone will figure out Harra. Maybe maybe

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Harra? Personally I’m eager to see whether someone would try Valdun one day, and how it would turn out.

@Stupid_Dragon That is a good call, I think I will switch them. It is an artifact of getting Blizzard early while leveling and wanting it to proc more often. Now, having more consistent -RR and -OA seems more important. I played with it a bit and it doesn’t seem to really reduce the amount of Blizzards I get.

@Retal_Abuser I think that’s a good idea, but there’s nowhere I want to take points out of and Stupid_Dragon presented a way to get it more reliable without moving points around.