>< (DW Vitality Melee)The Tender Reaper. Consistent SR 75-76[SR 90]/Ravager of Minds

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I made a poll some time ago, about what to do with my reaper toon. People’s choice was Fire, so I tried. You all know the result. Then the runner-up was physical reaper, I made that too, was fun but it was too squishy and didn’t have any light in it. Here is the final form of my reaper. I wanted to make this just right from the beginning, I guess I shouldn’t have made a poll :rofl: though I changed some things from my first theorycraft, it turned out even better than I expected.

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Image from the game with perma buffs, PB, Soul Harvest+Lethal Assault and Dying God proc

Amulet crafted with freeze resist.

What Changed? - I decided to get more pierce>vit conversion thus used Morgoneth Helmet and Night Whisper Conduit. Also gaved up from Meditation relic, got Serenity and used the extra skill points to get lethal assault buff to compensate damage loss. Decided not to use craft gloves so used Obsidian Grasp to get both AS and Physical resist. Changed MI affixes accordingly. Build is now better damage wise and defensive wise. But can’t say it improved drastically. It’s at the same spot but safer now.

Here’s a SR 90 Complete Run (with a few deaths)

Ravager of Minds Kill

Just binded Wendigo to BH instead of Omen. Used consumables. It’s really hard to kill Ravager with a vitality melee build. I did get one-shotted at the same he die stupidly but didn’t bother to record again so here it is, just don’t be greedy :rofl:

PS: Couldn’t try Mogdy but I believe build can kill it with consumables.


Image from the game with Permanent Buffs, Pneumatic Burst, Soul Harvest+ Dying God proc


Itemization :

First things first; yes, unfortunately there are 6 MI’s in the build and all are necessary. No I didn’t use GDstash to crate them, all are self-founded, time wasted, legit single-rare MI’s. And there is also one crafted green item, which is not a big deal and there is a good alternative for it.

  • Rings; BiS for RR, no alternatives there.

  • Ravager of Flesh helmet; for health bonus and extra RR but +1 all skills also helps.

  • Heart of Yugol; Phys resist, huge health bonus, caps your freeze resist and good buff. Yes, Azragor chest can be used instead of it and it can also be crafted with freeze resist aswell, provides flat damage but lacks the conversion. I tried both, Yugol fits better here and the dps difference between them is just 2,5k which probably less than the damage increase of Reaping Strike with the conversion.

  • Weapons; definitely no alternative here aswell. Death Omen is made for this build all over with it’s modifier, skill bonusses and DA shred. Voracity suffix on Blugrug Axe also must.

  • Reaper’s Legguards; must get to get last Soul Harvest points. Consecrated prefix helps a lot, gives racial damage and precious slow resist, suffix isn’t that really matter. Cunning bonus helps here since we have a lot of % bonus to it but of attack or something else also works fine.

  • Meditation; Best relic for melee vitality builds with or withour Oathkeeper unfortunately. For more safety I suggest you use Serenity but actually there is nothing left to spent those extra skill points.

  • Lunal’Valgoth’s Waistguard; also BiS. Caps your stun resist and gives +1 necro skills. Try to farm with aether resistance, the rest is not that important.

  • Namadea’s Eye; BiS aswell. better than Plagius Mark. gives flat damage, more ele>vitality conversion. OA, DA, Stun, Freeze, Slow everything works here depending on the other MI’s. Since the medal itself doesn’t give resistance; try to get affixes like aggressive-stalwart/of attack-of protection and get the resistances from other MI’s. But getting Demonic prefix on medal and stalwart on Shoulder also works.

  • Ascendant Shoulders; for Soul Harvest points mainly but health bonus also important, pierce conversion doesn’t do much but it’s there, again you can use any affix here aswell just balance your OA/DA and resistances, to cap Stun resist Demonic prefix will be ideal but Cleric is also okay.

  • Kaisan’s Eldritch Eye; basically for CC resists and +1 all skills; any affix works here aswell, it’s all depends on rolls of other MI’s. I just used the best damage.

  • Plagueguard Grips; I used this because provides better AS and it has good phys resistance on it. It also has %Physique crafting bonus on it. But if you don’t wanna craft dozens of it to get something like this, I suggest you use Mythical Obsidian Grasp It has %6-7 AS and %1-2 phys resist difference but you also convert flat fire damage so it provides same damage and if you use seal of annihilation you can easily cap AS aswell. Why not any other gloves? Becuase build is squishy(except huge health), any extra phys resist are crucial here.

Constellations :

Nothing weird here, simple DG/Rattosh route. Oh wait, I forgot to take Ghoul! No, I didn’t. You basically don’t need it. I take Wendigo instead of it and binded it to Ill Omen, it basically make you immortal among crowds but also really good in Boss Rooms. This simple constellation+binded skill combinations is the key of build’s survival. I’m aware using RE as proccer is the new meta, but in this build everything fits just as lego parts.

General Playstyle :

Build is squishy but a surviver. health bar goes up and down a lot so you need to get used to it. Be ready to use BB and MoT when needed, keep hitting is better than running here. Damage is good, lifesteal is great but you take serious damage. The only thing helps you stay alive is the huge health bar; even getting serious hits you have still 6-7k health to go on and most of the time one hit recovers all of it. I did killed Mogdrogen with this character on previous builds so I couldn’t test it again but it can surely kill it if you have enough resistance. I also made a mistake to choose Ravager of the Souls with this character so I can’t kill it because of it’s %100 Fumble debuff but build surely can kill of Flesh and of Minds; at worst scenario you re-spec some point into MoT and get RoS for fumble and kite a few times to use MoT again in second phase.

Why didn’t I use the full BK set or atleast 3 piece? Because it’s already really hard to balance OA/DA and resistances, with the set CC resists are becomes impossible to cap and the damage is better this way, only gain there is easier to cap AS and better phys resist.

PS: If you’re using GDstash, with double-rare affixes on all MI’s; build has a lot room for improvement.

SR 75-76 Run with Berserk and Cruel mutators. I didn’t made a lot of runs because everything will change soon but it’s really easy, the only danger is Kuba with Leeching Mutator. I’ll test 75-76 again and maybe even further after the new patch, till then see you!

SR 90 Grava



Made some changes;

I changed the medal with Namadea’s Eye. Much better than Plagius Mark. Provides more ele>vitality conversion and more flat damage. But since it has no resistances on it I had to change affixes on Shoulder and Belt aswell. Also changed the attributes; invest more cunning so I can reach to 3k OA.

The only loss is you can’t hardcap HoS thus can’t cap AS without seal of annihilation but damage absorption from ancestry ward also crucial.

Result; build gained 8-9k dps and 1k health. No need to do SR runs again it should be more easier now; I will do it after the

Test this build again, pushed it’s limits. No change made. (but Beronath got buffed, Raveger helm RR was nerfed %2.)

SR 90 last boss, Grava. with kinda good mutators. Worst part of this build that it needs too many greens. I wonder how it perform with double-rares.

Video is on the bottom of the op.

Updated the build, added SR 90 Complete Run and Ravager kill video.