[] Blightlord Shieldbreaker (SR 105, 4:40 Crucible, 4:24 fastest, Callagadra, Crate, Ravager of Flesh)

Hello, everyone. It’s been a while since someone posted a fire Blightlord shieldbreaker. It was @sir_spanksalot’s Blastlord and it was 4 patches ago so I decided to post my own version.

[OLD GRIMTOOLS](Shieldbreaker, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
IMPORTANT NOTE: Crafts for physique or one freeze res IF you have Glacial prefix. “Glacial” or “Destroyer’s” Preffix on the off-hand are MANDATORY, firstly because of the phys res and secondly because the build is attribute point starved. If you have destroyers prefix put only one point to Ulzuin’s Wrath and softcap 12/12 Temper, then put all the points in Demo’s skill bar like this. Also use a random item with spirit to allow you to equip the off-hand and then swap back to the original equipment.

Primary Tab with all passive buffs

BWC tooltip with Ascension

Throw Cocktail, Mines, Flashbang and spam enemies with Stormfire. Beware of hard physical hitters like Iron Maiden and Reaper of the Lost. Use Ascension either to burst someone down or to absorp bursts of damage. Remember to play around all the other flat damage absorption skills like Blast Shield and Phoenix Fire. Finally, it’s not a facetanker build so repositioning is necessary, the build has a good amount of range and dot afterall.
For Crucible I removed the %hp and flat armor node from Behemoth and added it to Torch’s 100% fire damage node. Also bound Eldritch Fire to BWC and Twin Fangs to Guardians of Empyrion.

Callagadra fight ( with OA pharma)

Ravager fight ( Use OA Pharma to be able to proc Phoenix Fire)

Crate fight SR 100 Bosses in a new arena

SR 105 with easy bosses

4:24 Crucible run

4:26 Crucible run with Grava pants

SR 75-76 run with Grava pants

4:44 Crucible run with 2x Marked mutator

5:17 Crucible run

4:57 Crucible run with Sanctified bone

6:02 Naked Crucible run

SR 100 Bosses

SR 95 Bosses ( oneshotted by Crowley’s Meteors)

SR 90 Bosses

SR 80 Bosses

5:03 Crucible run with Spam BWC

SR 75-76 run

Level with either of Zarthuzellan’s off-hands. One is the one I am using for this build for Black Water Cocktail and the other one is for Vire’s Might. One thing I would recommend is getting either a Riftclaw Slicer or an Empowered Alakrian’s Invoker as a main weapon and a Gargoyle Girdle as a belt to convert some vitality/pierce damage to fire from the Twin fangs proc. It would help a lot with sustain while leveling. But still, keep your distance from enemies.
If you do Ancient Grove you could also use Slathsarr’s medal for more damage, but that’s optional. Use the rest of your gear to fix resistances OA/DA.

Until next time.

Nice build steal!


I invented fire Blightlord… smh my head


links towards riftclaw slicer btw.

oh and, great build ofc! :smiley:


So many memers in one place

Fixed it doctor and thanks.


Sandstorm prefix is no good?

It can work like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWv9Gr2
You have to remove more points from temper and flame touched and add them on Demo’s bar.

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Nice build and congratz on clearing SR 90 i have a similar build but with the infernal knight set. Shieldbreaker is such a flexible class.

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… and there is more to come. Soon

Well here it is https://youtu.be/yX9C75i8x2U

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Good job with this build!

Shieldbreaker is also great class, sometimes is too glassy but Blightlord set is nice fit here.

I am surprised spam BWC version is doing so well.

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Thanks. Yeah cocktail spam is on average faster than stormfire spam, mostly because of sanctified bone and purified salt, with racial bonuses, ontop of the fact that you can stack cocktails, but it isn’t as pleasant to play in SR. Sometimes you have to run really far away from bosses that chase you so you can barely stack paddles below them. Also you lose 1 skill to proc devotions so you’re forced to use one of them to your medal’s augment dash.

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I’m wondering, since Demon Fire is your source of damage reduction and half of its (large amount of) flat chaos is converted to fire, wouldn’t it be worth hardcapping it both for damage and survival ?

I thought about it at first, but it requires many skill points and ulzuin’s wrath gives more dmg reduction with less point investment. I know that wrath only procs against close proximity enemies but that’s when you need it the most anyways, you can easily dodge ranged attacks with a build like this.

Actually it’s against ranged enemies only

Ulzuins wrath needs vindictive flame to hit something in order to proc and that happens only when someone is close to you.

Added Callagadra kill https://youtu.be/HIX8kJlhkM8


Lucky SR 100 push https://youtu.be/S2CjLYZOtng without a single Iron maiden in the boss rooms.

Added new grimtools with 1 point in Temper and maxed out Thermite mines.
Also added naked crucible run https://youtu.be/ji30JBsf1yI
Decided to do some minor tweaks by swapping Living armor with Sanctified bone and shuffling armor resistance augments, also by removing armor node from Behemoth and adding it to Torch. Managed to do sub 5 min run https://youtu.be/Ek-R2nwSxoc

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Added SR 100 bosses.

Can you actually show in a yt vid how to do the %spirit trick pls ? It doesn’t work for me.

You just need an extra item that gives spirit.