[] Bloodreach HealTank - 150-160 Cruci no buffs (lightning towers)

GrimTools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOXAnd2

This build was designed to be a part of a Blood Builds team of three, intended to be able to tank (hold aggro), deal damage, provide unique sources of bleed RR, and help to heal the team with heal procs and regen.

A combination of high dodge chance with high fumble to enemies, coupled with many healing sources and high regen helps to keep this build alive.

Because it is not a typical tank, it should not be played typically - This build moves close to enemies to deliver a range of attacks, including Ring of Steel which applies hefty bleed damage and fumble chance to enemies, before otherwise kiting around the battlefield, allowing the DoT damage to do it’s work.

This build is intended to be used in conjunction with these two builds for groupwide massive dot damage:

BloodRanger v2

  • Gets 800k-1m dot damage in a group.
  • Provides additional healing (Wendigo totem, Blood of Dreeg, Bysmiel’s Authority, 2x heal birbs)
  • Provides additional bleed RR


  • Massive unique bleed RR to the team
  • Strong damage reduction and OA debuff to enemies.
  • 600-800k bleed dot in the team.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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