[] Crimson Storm - Vitality Primal Strike Conjurer SR 65

Yes, I am. Damage output is 220-240k DPS but it is OK. RR is high. I think that everyone made a mistake in building vitality Conjurer with more damage to mitigate squishines. Does not work here.

Edit - I am sorry not Revenant. I dropped Dying God. Revenant is good for ADCtH and more RR consistency. Going for Dying God is too costly in this case.

I was overconfident with my first version and that version got its ass kicked even in SR 65-66 :smiley: I had to completely redo it.

I don’t know if I have the best version now but it can at least do SR 80 but it is weaker than my aether and cold PS.

So I can survive SR 80 but killling Kuba takes like 2-3 mins :smiley:

I initially thought of using Scales instead of Revenant for the flat RR. Interesting idea to drop Dying God completely. I can see why taking both Revenant and Scales works in this case even though the RR doesn’t stack.

Yeah but it is still not ideal. It does SR 80 barely. I am running out of ideas on this one.

Did anyone also notice that vitality PS is now tankier? I am not sure what happend. RR got nerfed and DA buffed. I can’t see anything else.

Edit - no, it still sucks

The Attack Speed bonus to Mythical Signet of the Fallen is a nice buff, also some flat Vit changes on the Devotions too.

I have finally done it. I made a vitality PS build that can easily do SR 80. Kuba is no big problem and neither is Zantarin. But I could not do it with Conjurer. Class combo I chose is actually not what would one do at first at all. I will post it as my next build.

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  • Grimtools link updated for


  1. Changed boots from Demonic’s of Survival to Survivalist’s of Survival (current patch added Stun Resistance to Rotgheist Shoulderguard so I changed to a Slow Resistance affix).
  2. Changed Weapon Augment from Potent Ravager’s Eye to Potent Ravager’s Harvest.
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