[] Cyclonoterminator - Lightning Cyclone Elementalist CR+/SR75*


  • pretty scary :astonished:


So Elementalist is class, which people tends to forget it even exist. It’s usually pretty squishy class, pure piano, since your both RR skills are rather inconvenient casts and so on. But one build is pretty impressive. Cyclone boosts exactly the RR skills, so they cover more ground and do some nasty damage. And I’ve decided to add some cool procs and full fire to lightning conversion. End result is pretty impressive actually.

Credit to @ya1 and @Shoot2033 for previous Cyclone Elementalist iterations.


  • pic with permanent buffs, DPS for Stromfire

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gm7jOZ


  • Key items are full Cyclone set, Barrelsmith Salvo for fire to lightning conversion and mod to Canister Bomb and chest/amulet to complete the fire to lightning conversion. Other gear I used is for % lightning damage and proper skill bonuses.

  • Belt is Shaman MI one with vitality to lightning conversion.

  • Boots are Grey Magi, I need that move speed and also physical resistance proc on CD.

  • Craft items with %physique, since DA is low.


I’ve tested few different combinations of devotions for this build. My initial thought was more defensive map, I tried via healing or damage absorb but best way is to actually stack many damage procs with WD, you clear faster and you heal through them as well.

Also Ghoul and Bat for defense. Flat RR, I’ve used Elemental Storm for that, so I can get highest possible RR modifier, also another proc for damage.


My original idea is to create Crucible monster and job well done! Build melts everything in configuration 3 buffs + 4 banners and it’s quite fun. Valdaran is actually slowest enemy to be killed and can be dangerous in Nemesis waves, also Kaisan is nasty for this build.

Times are really fast, my average is 4:35 or so, video from my quickest run (more risky playing) of staggering 4:13!

In SR build is completely different animal though, struggles with consistent 75/75 farming and you need time to deploy your totems.devils, so it’s not that strong there. For SR I suggest more defensive approach. Video from SR 75.


Congratulation on another fun build! Elementalist is as you say a bit many button to push and wonky to play



I’ve decided to shorten the rotation for this build, no Cocktails or Flashbang, it plays pretty smooth actually.


Laughs in Pet Elementalist

Then goes to sleep


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Pet Elementalist? Of course :smiling_imp:

But you still need Mines/Devils for RR, right?

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Unless going for Bleed Pet Elementalist :3

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mines and devils are almost like pets so perhaps they count ? :wink:


They are player scaling pets (at least Devils do count) so half pet build demolishes Crucible. That’s not the saddest display ever!

@Maya bleed pets, you need Swarm. And it isn’t better than Mines/Devils. Although enemies have lower bleeding resistances, so you might even skip casting Swarm and drawing aggro.


Almost a pet build wtf lol :smiley:

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Wish Mines were like Widow Mines from Starcraft 2 and Swarm was a Pet

Would have been like image


absolutely savage CR run, great job on this one!
interesting that you’ve decided to go for korvaak instead of spear.

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Korvaak requires fewer affinity points and only takes 4 nodes to the proc. Also DA/OA shred is useful. It allows me to survive with less DA and to skip BwC, which is another button to slow me down.

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now just wait for more maelstrom nerfs

So many typos in the word Canister.


sorry english not good language I guessing :wink:

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Talking about pet Elementalist without linking the pet Elementalist I already tested and posted? Sad.

Yeah, you still use Mines and Wind Devils for RR, but you don’t have to use Savagery charging or Canister Bomb + Grenado in addition to RR, so it’s a lot easier for button managing.

Of course, it doesn’t result in 4:15 Crucible times, so amazing job with the set, Nery. Assuming the Cyclone set doesn’t get nerfed again, I’ll make sure to use this as the definitive current Cyclone build.

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Great build, optimization, starting picture and illusion (I know it’s mostly from items themselves but I rate the whole package)!


Looks like my warlord, nery has good taste for fashion!

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Thanks, glad you approve! :smiley:

I will look that build, it’s slipped from my radar. The thing is though, I am not confident in performance of non-dual class pet builds. I’ve seen your Druid and few Deceivers but I don’t think these classes can match sheer power of Ritualist, Conjurer or Cabalist.

About Cyclone, actually set isn’t that impressive now but as I’ve stated boosting both RR skills is godsend for otherwise really painful to play class. Now Canister on Aetherfire is another matter…

Cool! What builds is that?

It is basically “your” sword and shield warlord :slight_smile: One of the first builds I made in my resest patch 1.1.7 to farm ravager, calla and SR set. Have not played in loooong time since becuase it is slow and boring but gets job done without sick items needed :smiley:

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