[] Divine comedy's punishment - Acid Doom Bolt Sentinel


Conduits usually opens up new builds possibilities but usually are not supported further by skill modifiers/bonuses. Doom Bolt advantage is that is single skill node, so it’s easy to max it. Here’s acid version with lot’s of procs and Pox. I don’t think this type of build’s posted but you can check also 2H DB by @Valinov HERE


  • pic with permanent buffs + Ascension, damage for Biting Blades

  • damage breakdown for Doom Bolt. Since no flat modifiers, damage is fully acid.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2Bm6JzN


  • No set pieces whatsoever but few items are crucial, conduit with Acid Doom Bolt mod, Covenant of Three helm and Riftwarped gloves.

  • Also some items that are popular for acid builds, 2x Shuroth rings, Deadly memes belt, Meditation, etc.

  • To cap DB, I used Ben’s shoulders and Venomancer’s Rainment, these are two items rarely used in builds.

  • Since I use weapon+off-hand combo, decided to settle on Wretched Tome for conversion, +1 Occultist and Bloody Pox modifiers. Weapon is Plaguebearer for -RR proc and cast speed.


  • Unlike Valinov’s build I don’t use DEE for big posion ticks. Instead focus is on Pox and it’s spread acid/poison damage, also Sigil for extra sustain. And Biting Blades as spam skill, despite DB is on low cooldown.


  • I like the Guardians proc a lot, especially with partial conversion from chaos to acid. Also Yugol/Abomination combo, Manticore for flat RR, even Scorpion is here. For defense Ghoul and Bat, with vitality damage fully converted to acid. I’ve tried few bindings, not sure about what’s optimal.


I like this build in Crucible and builds with procs are usually fun, cause they tend to clear trash in matter of seconds. Worth saying Alex/Valdaran are mega slow, if you have bad mutators, with monster resistant to acid, Alex’s health bar basically stop moving, even salt in the off-hand doesn’t help. But everything else, pops.

In Crucible I use Ulzuin buff, cause energy is tight, also DA is slightly low, although massive OA shred by Pox. For campaign I would use weapon augments with energy regen. When I am recording there’s huge lag, which makes DB targeting quite the pain. It’s like drunken guy, trying to put in the urinal :smile:

My times are around 5:25 on average, video from my fastest run with great mutators of 5:09:


Nice build. It’s worth mentioning my 2h build now averages 5mins in my hands. I have 1.8 video that’s sub 5 with average mutators.

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That’s nice! Do you made any changes?

I am sure mine can also go sub 5 but not if I pilot it.

Congratulations, great build. 1.2s recharge is awesome for a meme Doom Bolt .
Makes you really wanna re-test the Vitality Doom God in which has half that.

This. From now on I’ll conservatively subtract 10 seconds from my every build assuming non-rusty Valinov is playing them.


Nice visuals!

Vitality is interesting and Sentinel is the go-to class again. But acid have better supplement damage with procs but Pox/Sigils can boost vitality DB as well.

Do we want Black Death and its confusion?
Spank didn’t put any points in the original Vitality Doom Bolt.
You could put maybe put these points into Destruction since you have Elemental/Fire/Chaos to Acid conversions which means it boost damage and healing of sigils that stack from multiple sigils.

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On this build confusion isn’t a problem, since it affect only minor mobs and damage of the skill with investment is huge, so DoT ticks actually can kill them, I took it deliberately.

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This is very nice and good build. Acid is perhaps my favorite damage after physical so I have to try the build here some time

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