[] DW Aetherscorched Physical Battelmage - sr90+


Build has currently 5 greens. Used GDstash. Have replaced the double rares with rares.

Old Build (double rares)

Old build with double rares



With Deadly Momentum


New without double rares



With Deadly Momentum


This build is obviously worse than the old one, but only slightly.


Currently have defeated Lokarr and Mogdrogen. Callagadra is probably possible (tried him one time and had him 1/4 health, but then didn`t kite well and died.)

SR 75-76 is not a problem. Currently am at 90 but going higher is possible.


SR 85 pics.


Got to sr90.



Looks nice, I am working on a legit version but nice to see what BiS greens can do :slight_smile: Maybe I do version with https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8070 helmet, probably not worth it though

Sadly it doesn’t give anything worth for physical besides mirror modification… If only reckless power would not convert damage :slight_smile:

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Hey read it again and wanted to ask what you meant by legit version? A build with no greens and only epic + legendary?

no double rare affixes :slight_smile:

Or just use the items I find myself.

But one rare + one “magic” affix is legit?

Then good luck :slight_smile: Farmed myself the Axe (is easy to farm), but after more than 100 drops gave it up.

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yeah that is not too crazy low drop chance

axes should be “easier” since now there is higher chance for affix to roll that maches the base damage of MI

Yeah, but i farmed for double rare axe (thought it was not that crazy) :slight_smile:

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How is this build doing in the current patch? Good to go or updates needed?

Should work the same

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Thanks for the quick response. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time farming MI’s just to find there were significant changes.