[][Guide] The Rookie Bloodsworn - A chaos Warlock Beginner Guide

There’s some strange choice of one star in Obelisk constellation, the left one from the start gives retal. I guess it was supposed to be put on the right for flat+% DA?

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Yes the bonuses were swapped in some patch and I didn’t remember to make the change. Thanks !

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I like to try various builds to see how they work out in (my) real life experience. So far so good. I’m still on normal doing the Forgotten Gods expansion just turned Lvl 60. Some near death escapades early on but real solid after I got the shard. My only death was due to terrain when I attempted to run through bad stuff and my lowly heal and pot were not enough to get to far side.

Many thanks for the guide and all the others that I have tried. I gave this guide A*

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Hey, man, TY for this gorgeous build. A question about constellations. What for do we need Wendigo, if our goal to convert vit to chaos? For example, i choose to skip Wendigo, put points to Ghoul for survivability, and last point to last node of DG. It is because i am too lazy now to change all the rout thru stars…

Not sure what you mean here. The character convert’s Wendigo Mark’s damage to Chaos so it can benefit from it even more as it scales Chaos damage higher than the base Vitality damage.

Wendigo is more healing that lasts awhile with the 10s duration and by the sounds of it in Monc’s guide, is a virtually guaranteed proc on Doom Bolt’s double hit. Should especially be nice as if you need to kite and something won’t stay on your Sigils as it’s constantly rushing you down, if it’s debuffed with Wendigo you’re still actively getting health back from it.

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Oh, didn’t know about healing specifics of it. Then it became much more tasty,ofc. TY.

Hi everyone, new to the game here. Quick question this build still viable devotion, items etc.

Hardly anything should have changed for this build since then, you would really need to anger the Z to get a levelling build nerfed