[] Im goin Deeh[p]er with ma Reapher

Not much to say yet - just something different compared to my tankbuild

Hes not finished yet - fully on Phys 107 of 107 - i will test around 50/50 Phys/Cunning not sure for now

My Hardcore Reaper


HC Lokarr vs Reaper - 34 seconds killtime

HC Ravager of Minds vs Reaper - Who wins? - Video 5min killtime



Nice, I’ve been thinking about Soulrend Reaper recently.
Don’t you want +1 to Blade Spirits and bind it to Rattosh to have one fewer button to press?
Or do you like Freeze / Fumble / a bit of additional damage?

i can give it a try

and fumble is for the surv mostly combined with 35% dodge and 23% deflect pretty strong

other stats are selbuffed 42% lifesteal @ 25k flat weapondmg
32% critdmg + 41% from NJE + 2,1k Coldmodifier and something around 1,7k Vitality and Decay
3,5k Armor with procs and OA/DA getting up from Devotionsprocs aswell
17% Physresist
All Resistances overcaped 20% - Elementalresist goes 70% overcap

tested the Blade Spirits they dont fit in it. to slow for that build

but i took 2 points out of Reaping Strike and put them into Blade Trap & Devouring Blades so there is one more Button to press and the Reaper is more Rippher.

Grimtool is updated

so only thing i miss now is the Glyph Murmur’s Kiss and Amatok’s Breath that i can test it.
dont own the recieps yet

Congrats on the rather unconventional cold/vitality hybrid!

The power of 40% leech, lots of life leech RR and high armor! :+1:

I doubt cunning will do anything for this build, it only scales OA and not your damage types after all. Because of that I would encourage you to drop Anatomy of Murder down to 11/12 and remove blade trap (doesn’t work against any meaningful enemy anyway unless you have trap RR) and rather softcap Veil of Shadow, one point Blade Spirits, cap out Phantasmal Armor or cap out Nightfall.

Auf jeden Fall schön zu sehen, dass mehr Leute ihre HC chars hier posten, weiter so! :smiley:

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thank you

ya i wont go for cunning was thinking just for the OA but i stay on 107 Phys for now

The other things i will check out

Ja schon paar Jahre her hab dazwischen andere Games gespielt hab Anfang 2017 mit Grim Dawn aufgehört gehabt als mein Blademaster mit glaub ich wars dann im HC gestroben ist :slight_smile: da war der OA buff zu hoch auf den Monstern und Rip Crucible zudem wurde Shieldwall redesigned, reflectdmg wurde rausgenommen da war damals der key mit warborn dualwield für mich

Just quoting the part for others that I feel everyone can understand and also give my condolences.

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