[] OGUS (Fire God) - 4x Mortar, 10,000 Regen : Cr150-160 no cruci buffs/banners

Trigger warning: Specialist greens x3

Link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2M1eP12

Ogus is a powerful mage build using mortar traps (4x, heavily buffed with Pyran’s set), 4.5-10k regen per second, inquisitor seals, phoenix fire and a low level blast shield for some damage mitigation.

The build is not unkillable - It has low physical resist (12%) and no % damage absorption making it vulnerable to spike damage from certain attacks.

The high regen and mortar traps makes it very kite-friendly. Playing from 150-160 crucible, I did die from a spike attack with Aleksander’s rock, despite standing in my inquisitor seal, so something most have gone awfully wrong there. Aside from that, I was able to get to 160 with no crucible buffs or banners within 4 minutes, so the build is overall very strong. :smiley:

A combination of circuit-breakers help to maintain health and get the best out of the regen:

Phoenix Fire, Blast Shield, Giant’s Blood (attached to blast shield, so only triggers when necessary), Prismatic Diamond at 50% hp for more damage absorption, and Tinkerer’s Ingenuity at 40% for another 200% regen. The regen from Giant’s Blood will last long enough to cover Blast Shield’s cooldown. The regen and damage absorption from PRismatic Diamond and Tinkerer’s Ingenuity help to give a boost to allow Blast Shield and Giant’s Blood come off cooldown as well, so it’s a nice cyclical system.



nice build! I will include it in my [] Fenix – Health Regen focused Mortar Purifier (SR80 and some celestial bosses) thread :slight_smile:

Try consider doing some SR and higher crucible.

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Might just do that in the next few days Ulvar1 :slight_smile: Will report back.

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