[] Radiance - The Prismatic Warrior! Visually pleasing Elemental Sword 'n' Board

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Visually pleasing build to play, Radiance the Prismatic Warrior. :smiley:

This is a concept build for theorycrafter challenge “Prismatic Warrior”, with the intention of creating an elemental damage sword ‘n’ board. If you want something that is just ‘nice, fun’ with decent damage and moderate survivability; A build that is fairly lazy to play but visually satisfying, consider using this build!



character looks very fun and flash. I tried to make tankier no idea if it still works as your intentions but look if you want https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62am4932
important change of armor. also changed ring to skill disrapt resist and a ring with nice proc that can heal as well.

The phys resist boost looks quite appealing, and a bit of extra DA never goes astray :smiley:
Although, the high OA will be sorely missed to make use of all the crit damage.

Reign of Ice and Fire rings are really cool, and will still add to the flashiness while replacing the Elemental Balance ring set. The healing will be welcome, too. The Eternal Band ring doesn’t add any additional elemental resistance reduction from the original build tho - it’s covered by the Crown and Viper devotions, which each offer slightly more.

Fun to explore tho :smiley:

eternal band ring gives skill disrupt resist meaning you can use mirror of erectors even if you are in skill disrupt pools.

you can still crit of course you can use medal augment skill that reduces monster DA.

minor bad in my Grim Tool you need 915 physice to have shoulder. Also maybe with a decent green living ring you can buff OA bacck up and maintain tankyness https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2Bm3XrN

This is looking nice! Great work and thanks for sharing Ulvar :smiley:

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Living ring easy farm also think you can shop farm in ancient grove too

hope you like suggestion and can push build on higher content I wish you luck

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