[] Semi-beginner target-farmable Outcast Spellbinder -> How to farm/ Crucible 5:15/ SR 100/ Ravager + Mogdrogen/ safe 75-76sr farmer

The anasteria helm is more important than that ring. Helmet is kinda build defining and the ring is like icing on the cake

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i understand… i sm farming her like 4th day now. over 20 blue helmets but zero secret. on ultimate with nemesis

RNG can though sometimes

Drop chance for Outcast helmet is 6% so it’s not that bad, especially road to her is very short. However RNG can be painful.

Tawrot is very optional ring, if you do not enjoy this dungeon then skip it. Magelord or anything with aether is good.

i dont think its 6% in reality…i mean i farmed easy over 100 runs already. krieg set items have only 5% and i dropped them in normal time. something is really strange with the secret

Perhaps you should just freshen up what 6% probability means :stuck_out_tongue: xD

x% probability for an event E to occur means that in the limit of LARGE sample size N, then the event E will occur on average x*N/100 times.

Some people will be lucky, some will be unlucky. It is just nature of random variables.

buyed the helmet:) now its time to farm the magi ring hehe

Has like 1% drop chance, in a way more time and material consuming dungeon :slight_smile: Pray to RNGesus everyday

yeah perhaps i find someone to farm magis together, then its not so boring

Will also be double as easy, because multiplayer monster scaling in this game is a joke

@freelancerrr Problem with multiplayer is that drop chance is not doubled, item can only drop for one person as far as I know. However remember that it’s only some little addition to the build so if you burn out farming it, do not feel bad giving up. Any Magelord is better for damage due to ele-aether conversion.

Instanced loot doubles drop chance bc if u play with friend you can share drops among you after run