[] Semi-beginner target-farmable Outcast Spellbinder -> How to farm/ Crucible 5:15/ SR 100/ Ravager + Mogdrogen/ safe 75-76sr farmer

Hello, I was thinking about doing some beginner guide but because I have no idea about best leveling methods this guide is going to be semi-beginner - build is target farmable (and many items drop on the road so not farming a lot of locations is needed), easy to gear, very strong and good for start. It’s like Dark one casters or Krieg meeles, maybe even easier to gear.

All you need to do before farming certain locations:

  1. Take Spellbinder class into 94 level, example leveling step-by-step guide made by Stupid_Dragon: [Caster] Beginner's Nephrite Spellbinder
    Or do it yourself in the way you like.

  2. You can’t ally with Outcast! Core item drops from Anasteria so she has to be killed on quest from Black Legion on Ultimate or another character is needed. It’s most important thing, otherwise new character is needed only for farming her.

Instruction about farming in next section.


Final build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRPA9x2

Build without harder components, two rings + relic (still viable): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZe5YRkZ -> however Eternity blueprint and components blueprints should drop during farming for core items (it’s priority in drops as I remember).

Cooldown combo: MoT-> Mirror-> Aeon reset with CT-> MoT-> Mirror-> cooldowns off, be careful and wait for MoT-> Mirror-> reset with CT, repeating everything. It’s really easy after some practice. Just try to facetank on defensive tools up, watch out when they are down. Watch my videos to see how I am doing it.

Devotions step-by-step:

  1. Green point
  2. Bat
  3. Delete green point
  4. Jackal
  5. Viper
  6. Eel
  7. Yellow point
  8. Lotus
  9. Delete yellow point
  10. Widow
  11. Panther
  12. Stag
  13. Solemn Watcher
  14. Red point
  15. Aeon’s Hourglass
  16. Spear of the Heavens
  17. Scales of Ulcama

How to farm gear pieces

  1. Outcast’s Secret helmet + Anasteria’s Legguards - before it starts to drop you need to get Nemesis level with Outcasts.

Helmet choice is obvious, pants drop from the same enemy so it’s good choice. Mods you are looking for are aether damage/resistances/OA, DA. A lot of possibilities, it’s just fullfiler. Leggings version viable, choose one with better stats.

Location: https://www.grimtools.com/map/monsters/262

  1. Decree of Aldritch weapon + Chains of Ygraad belt - both items drop from Port Valbury, Overlord Van Aldritch and Watcher Ygraad.

Weapon is one of the cores, before epic version can be used. Belt is for +1 arcanist skills and conversion which provide additional survivality - needed stats are like for pants, damage/OA, DA/resistances, high conversion value is helpful.

Weapon location: https://www.grimtools.com/map/monsters/96
Belt location: https://www.grimtools.com/map/monsters/99

  1. Krieg’s Boots + Terrnox’s Aether Tome offhand - both items from same source, boss Terrnox. Prefered mods on offhand are damage + highest possible CDR (18-19%), additionaly OA or resistances.

Location of both items: https://www.grimtools.com/map/monsters/202

  1. Krieg’s Grip + Krieg’s Shoulderguards - both from Valaxteria https://www.grimtools.com/map/monsters/204

  2. Krieg’s Chestguard - Fleshweaver Krieg boss https://www.grimtools.com/map/monsters/92

  3. Mark of the Shadow Queen medal + Heart of Malmouth amulet - both items are faction, buy blueprints from Cult of Bysmiel and Malmouth Resistance. Another example choices (not on the road and more RNG sadly) are Vanquisher’s Gem amulet (Bastion of Chaos dungeon, very long, chest at the end) or Conduits and Mythical Mark of Anathema medal (random drop).

  4. Rings - Not priority and not required to enjoy build but BiS. Ring of Tawrot is from act5 dungeon (Magi Tawrot), Band of the Ethernal Haunt is craftable from random blueprint (do totems on the road to another items). Use faction blues from link above or Magelord’s set, combine them, use what you have.

  5. Relic - Eternity is absolutely BiS and chance you drop blueprint is very high because Relics got priority from what I remember. Do some totems or use anything with aether damage/Sacred Talisman.

Example farming route:

  1. Anasteria.
  2. Port Valbury.
  3. Terrnox.
  4. Valaxteria.
  5. Fleshweaver Krieg.
  6. Magi Tawrot (skip if you want core items faster).

And totems on the road.

Performance of full build
Crucible 5:15

SR 100

SR 75-76 run with pulling all bosses



If you have any questions feel free to ask, regards.


Great build, it will be helpful for newish players, since Krieg set is farmable and Spellbinder/your build is very strong.


Really nice build, should mention that Ana also drops tainted brain matter that is exchangeable for blood of ch’thon which is gonna be mandatory for the skeleton key dungeons you’de have to run and farm the items from.

Just get it.


Great build!
Tawrot in a beginner build might make some people quit the game before even starting it :rofl:
The easier to put together GT seems very good, you can definitely put in a haunt relic instead of that Talisman. All tier 1&2 relic blueprints are basically vendorfarmable.

Also for Ana pants you don’t have to be Nemesis, any Ana can drop the pants.



Thank you guys!

@RektbyProtoss Tawrot is veeeery optional for little more healing from bat and scales, damage wise Magelord should be a little bit due to more flat elemental converted. Even I suggested to skip this dungeon before reaching all gear :smile:

Btw I was very lucky with mage rings, I did few runs after dungeon release and dropped 4 of them :rofl:

Yea I know, was just kidding :smiley:
Btw if you feel like any of the arcanist conduits is better, feel free to put that into the same category as tawrot. You get all conduit BPs from TotH vendor and farming the addional blooms needed to craft the right roll won’t be harder than getting tawrot ring either. That said it’s only optional (if even better at all).

You should play the next league that gives points for magi rings :rofl:


I think Conduit with RR on Siphon Souls can provide minimal higher damage but it’s additional button to press (so may be harder to beginner) and a lot of stun resistances go down so Imo in this case Heart of Malmouth could be better choice.

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Nice one! I had a similar, even cheaper build, planned for my next SSF poll :slight_smile:
Let’s hope it wins then I can actually level it and use your gearing/farming pointers.

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Thanks! I would like to see more leveling guides for spellbinder (I could attempt to do something but a lot of time is needed :stuck_out_tongue:), it’s imo very good starter class, strong and with huge build variety (and a lot of krieg possibilities from meele to AAR or PRM). However seems not so popular for beginners I think?

This is what I sketched for “starting to farm Krieg set etc” https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gQWJOZ I know this is not needed, one can just farm Krieg set on elite but that is cheesy and you also prevent yourself for better other drops so Ultimate or bust for me :slight_smile:

This is PRM spellbinder SSF"friendly" that I also had on the list https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GElmnZ

Perhaps I just ditch the poll and do dictator style, next SSF will be spellbinder :stuck_out_tongue:
Already made finished SSF cheap 2H cadence warder, did SR 65 with it pretty easily!

Perhaps start out as PRM build and then transition into devestation later.


Great guide. Minor question : Is full Krieg set better than Diviner chest + Ascended shoulder for fully conversion?

Additional conversion for ele-aether should increase damage but I did not test another setups, only budget one for guide so I have no idea what in practice is the best. I am sure setup can be upgraded damage-wise with some greens.

Thanks I got it, btw do you think even a white ring with suffix of the gildam arcanum is better than myth band of eternal haunt, because this build doesnt have Aeon glass and with the help of spam skills quicky reset the cooldown for MoE, MoT and Devastation?

Build has hourglass proc

My bad, should bang my head :P. Btw I still think a random green ring with of the gildam is better than Myth band of eternal haunt.

I think %RR is more worth.

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how important is outcast secret for the build ? can normal outcast hood replace it in the beginning? farming the secret second day but its… last item i miss for the build

It can replace in the beginning for sure, even Fettan mask or something is okay until you got legendary version. However I suggest to not give up, it’s one of the cores in end game.

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Yeah if you already have a Tawrot ring and Decree of Aldrich , no point giving up on Outcasts secret


i need tawrot ring and the helmet.