[] Spellscourge/Corruptian Spellbinder (SR 100, 7m Crucible, Crate, Ravager of Minds)

Mine aswell. I don’t even see it’s armor reduction affect that much and it’s heal almost do nothing. Maybe it should have some weapon damage to work better. Though general stats on devo are very good if you can spare skill points and this build has nothing better to take instead bear, maybe rhowan’s scepter that’s all.

@Retal_Abuser Great build btw, very creative!

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Can’t really take Rhowan’s scepter with an axe (:


LoL I always forgot that devo needs mace to be active :rofl:

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Turns out, Oblivion with Beronath plus Bone harvest is worse damage than Chain Lightning and RE focus. The RR from Deathstalker probably plays some part to it too, but with your Devotion map it has more damage than before. Leech is a little bit lower, but it can still farm SR comfortably. Thanks for the suggestions.

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The idea of physical RE+devastation came to me today and after finishing my planning I was curious if the concept had been done before and found this post. I’d like to share my version of the build and hopefully contribute to the discussion. There are slight variations in gear and devotions but perhaps the main difference is that I invested heavily in RE and also I go melee with Reaping Arc as opposed to casting.


Sorry for reviving old topic but perhaps It may be worth it revisiting this concept now, especially considering that back in Reaping Arc was not an option and may be a huge upgrade over Chain Lightning.

Maybe something like this Spellbinder, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Attack speed is dreadful though

You could bump attack speed if you replace one ring for combustion band, glove component and pants for Barbaros.
Don’t know if resistances are gonna be a mess afterwards though.

Using barbs in 2021

Bob Ross pants.

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I’ve already used them in the new patch :thinking:
Happy little tr…ousers.