[] Static - Aether DW Reaper [SR90] [4.40 Crucible] [All Celestials]

maths is fancy but i need corruption + rattosh combo to clear the screan efficiently.

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Keep your corruption but if I were you, I’d just check visually using Grim Internals or just in-game skill marker whether Rattosh is applied properly on enemies because I suspect that it’s not and test if RE doesn’t do a better job in it.

Although you only have 2 points in RE so it doesn’t have that many projectiles…

Play this build as well (great one, ty!).
Using rattosh on Bone Harvest. 60%ish chance to trigger.
And since rattosh has no cooldown, it can happen that more than 1 enemy gets rattoshed with just one Bone Harvest.

Hey guys I’m playing this build in a 2 men party and we are actually working on celestials.
I would like to ask some help to optimize a tougher devotion route for the celestials bosses.

Taking into account that we are dropping the Phoenix, we can sacrifice some OA too.
I personally don’t like too much Wretch and Viper (apart for 3%OA) in this build, on the others hand I would like to keep on the Spear Of The Heavens Proc, trying to face-tank those ****** ! So this is my try: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gPx5BV

Thanks for helping!8

You can wear Fateweaver’s Raiment for the occasion it grants a good buff and will increase your phys resist %8-9. But it would be better if you describe your companions build and which one of you is going to tank through battles. I would suggest you get Circle of Slaughter for Fumble if your companion’s build has no such debuff.

Ofc! My comp play a Templar Phys AAR build something like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKGMXoN
Fateweaver is uber in grp btw i always considered the 30-36% conversion from that slot a must have.
Saughter may help u’re right!
i’m supposed to be the tank :smiley:

not the brighest idea, hence you’re going be missing hits due to celestial’s high DA.

it’s not doing much against them, maybe helps a bit when the ghoul is active, but still.

it is a must, but a friend of yours running templar could wear this robe, the aura provides 5% of physical resistance to both the user and their allies.

btw, i don’t understand that 5head move with Vire over Empyrion. DR’s are not going to stack, and if they want more phys res then simply use this devotion layout - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GgW3j2

Hey Grey thx for answering!
We choose Vire over Empyrion couse we already have better DR with Il Omen and we just choose Vire for better stats in the constellation. Can u suggest us another route? Empyrion appears a bit empty if ur not going to use his DR.

Regarding the Reaper any alternative constellation’s route for a better survival in 2 men mode vs celestial bosses?

is this build still viable?