[] Static - Aether DW Reaper [SR90] [4.40 Crucible] [All Celestials]


Giving up toxicity for a while

Gear explanation and Greens

Gear crafted for slow resistance

  • Theodin’s Heart - build defining item.
  • Blaze Herald - allows to convert some flat damage and whirling death, but most importantly it gives -rr% and ranks to VoS. The higher conversion value the better.
  • Soulare’s Helm - BiS in every way possible. Praise the aetherial sun.
  • 2x Krieg pieces - physical resistance and %damage.
  • Dreadchill Mark - %as, flat damage, +2 to Soul Harvest, and immense boost to Necrotic Edge.
  • Reaper’s Legguards - +3 to Soul Harvest. BiS. Affixes don’t matter much, just make sure to cover your slow resistance. I went for of vitality for some extra health.
  • Galakros Dread Plating - picked this one for vit to aether conversion, and it’s the most important stat. Can be replaced with Deathbringed Raiment. Aim for high conversion value.
  • Magelord Band - for conversion. Can be replaced with the other from this set, depends on your resistances.
  • Band of the Eternal Haunt - rr and craft bonus.
  • Ascended Shoulderplates - aim for high conversion values.
  • Chains of Ygraad - yet again, conversion. Dread Lord affix is really good, but not mandatory.

Now for these shiny DR weapons:
As it turned out, the difference between double aetherfire of shattered realm and warped of shattered realm is borderline neglegible (52k vs 49k AA damage). However, hence I’ve recorded everything with DR i put them in gtlink. I almost sure, that every celestial will still be possible and crucible timing will be like 5-8 seconds slower on average.

As for gear affixes - pick w/e you’ve found, just make sure to have good overcaps, 70%+ slow res and ideally high conversion values. The latter matters a lot.

Shattered Realm performance

In SR Ill Omen is better as DR source than Decay.


Not the best build for high SR though, normal chunks are painful.
SR75-76 should be fine.

Crucible performance

4.29 in my hands with neutral muts.

4.29 in @romanN1 's hands with neutral muts.

Very stable in CR, the average time is about 4.40


For celestials I went for devotion route with ghoul, simply because my OA is too low to proc Phoenix. Also picked Omen because it has higher %DR values and lasts longer.
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWvg1G2 - the only thing that changes through bosses is armor augments. Calcs in descriptions.

Avatar of Mogdrogen: Shouldn’t cause any trouble.

Ravager of Flesh: Facetankable, went for +health augments.

Callagadra: 15/10 MoT makes fight easy.

Crate of Entertaiment: And here I was forced to go 14/12 Phantasmal Armor and double hearts in rings. Otherwise, it’s perma petrify. The fight is hard due to absence of DoT damage and a lot of aoe. I didn’t use omen, BS and corruption for that reason. Still barely made it.


@banana_peel for original concept.

Feel free to ask me anything regarding this build and why does it work.


Nice one! Last week I did testplay of a cheap build version that I made to SR66 with, can post build later when I get home :slight_smile:

i can imagine budget version working well, granted that most items are MIs.

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Damage was superb, but was pretty squish.

Cool to see someone push this awesome archetype to its limits! I played a similar build on HC when the blaze herald dagger got released, but I died in SR to some unfortunate boss combo + piloting error.
GJ @grey-maybe !


Ah really nice, I’ve been toying with a setty version of something this but the grimtools didn’t turn out great. Good to see how it should be done.

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I think infiltrator with these daggers should be nice on HC, given that all damage is passive.

Nice, you finally post it :slight_smile: You done really good job with that, and as I can see you revised it. First version was a bit different. I really failed with this archetype, you told the reason is AQC but my MI’s also wasn’t perfect and it was too squishy that even the good damage didn’t save it.
I think this build is one of those that walks on the edge and with good piloting it truimphs.

Interesting medal choice though; Does it really work better than dreadblade mark?

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Thanks. Yes, i did slightly change it: this medal and got rid of ABB. ABB only gives 10% wd increase and this medal is huge. It has ton of flat damage and boost NE to the point it becomes almost like mass execution.

Piloting is important ofc, but i think reaper generally speaking has a problem with health and stats, so one somehow need to fix these with gear. Exactly the reason why I went for of vitality affix. ideally i’d even go for 14k health.

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Yeah I know, I had to have 20k health to make Vitality AA Reaper not glasscannon :slight_smile: My mistake with this build was probably considering only Bonemonger and Krieg pieces on available gear but with MI chest and shoulder it looks much better.

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Adding here a great run of this amazing build. Big gg grey >:D<


Hey there! May i ask a clarification regarding the constellations choices for the celestial bosses?
Is still worth to go for Rattosh if u’re not going to take phoenix in this route? If yes which are the reasons? :smiley: thx for helping

its worth it, because rattosh increases your sustain via lowering bosses high lifesteal resistance.
but i guess route with aeon can also work.

@Psylocibe Yeah, it case you don’t know the mechanics, because you’re new
bosses usually have 85% life leech resistance so -8% increases your life leech by

8% / (100% - 85%) = 8% / 15% ~ 53% which is huge

Although I don’t like how Grey bound it to Aether Corruption - it’s going to take forever to apply.
I’d bind to to Ravenous Earth and Phoenix would be fine on Blade Spirits maybe?


I do this way

(1-0,85-0,08) / (1-0,85) = 0,23 / 0,15 = 1,5333

you steal 23% instead of just 15%

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Good you wrote it differently because the way I did it might be
confusing to some people not dealing with Math reguarly.

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(1-a-b)/(1-a) = 1 - b/(1-a)

you just calculated the b/(1-a) part :slight_smile:

it’s bound to corruption for SR/CR. For celestial i have it bound to SS i believe.

I know Corruption spreads in Crucible and it’s a good proccer there because it works on multiple enemies / have multiple proc chances. But it only applies for AoE / cooldown skills like Elemental Storm / Eye of the Guardian where you want to proc it once in during a few seconds whereas Rattosh doesn’t seem to spread.

So even if Corruption spreads you still have only 15% chance per tick to apply Rattosh for a given enemy no matter how many enemies are around. Whereas if i.e. Elemental Storm is bound to Corruption your chance to apply on a single target grows with number of targets around because it’s AoE that needs to be procced only by one enemy in the group. But Rattosh needs to be procced for every enemy separately. It’s as if you wanted to bind Assassin to Corruption - it’s not a good idea.

That’s why I propose to bind Rattosh to RE no matter what you play to have it procced instantly / very quickly for every enemy in the group.

On Corruption, assuming Rattosh doesn’t spread which seems to be the case,
the average time to proc Rattosh is
1 / 15% * time_between_ticks = 6.66 * 1s (?) = 6.66s?

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