[] Storm Boxer - lightning Storm Box of Elgoloth Deceiver, SR 80+


The reason behind this build is to make a build that is mostly based on Storm Box of Elgoloth. For dual elemental RR I have chosen Deceiver as a class combo for this build. Light’s Guardian set is built around SBoE so this build is built around it. It has no physical resistance and that is also why Occultist is a good choice. Other items that give bonuses to SBoE are Aetherbolt Pendant, Enslaved Wraith and Gildam Arcanum Commendation. For lifesteal Chain Lightning from component is used. For that and SBoE you need to have capped casting speed. Word of Pain is also used for RR and for devotion procs. It also has fire damage converted to lightning from Temporal Tempset. Build has huge RR of up to -153 %. It uses both Elemental Storm and Revenant for more flat RR consistency and because of other bonuses from Revenant. Build does SR 65-66 easily. It can even do SR 80 but it behaves like a glass cannon in it.

I also have other lightning casters here. All my builds are here.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mmX6n2 glass cannon version
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NO1LBKV alternative tankier version

Build uses two monster infrequent items - Enslaved Wraith and Ugdenbog Waistguard. You want affixes that give bonuses to physical resistance, casting speed, OA and stun resistance. Crafting bonuses on helm, amulet and pants are to slow resistance (2x) and freeze resistance (1x). Tankier version has all crafting bonuses to freeze resistance.

Stats of the build


low critical damage 13 % (with Inquisitor Seal) - 28 % with Deadly Aim

OK base OA around 2900 (around 3350 with Deadly Aim)

build has good lightning RR from Aura of Censure, Word of Pain, SBoE, Curse of Frailty, Arcane Bomb and Elemental Storm (or Revenant) - up to - 153 % + Hand of Ultos

damage from devotions - Ultos, Reckless Tempest, Arcane Bomb, Revenant and Elemental Storm


OK life above 12000 HP

OK base DA above 2850

up to 95 enemy DA reduction from Arcane Bomb

OK physical resisitance 22 %

good armor above 2400

reasonably overcapped resistances

high CC resistances (with crafting bonuses)

disrupt enemy skills from Aura of Censure

flat damage absorption from Inquisitor Seal

% damage reduction from Aura of Censure

Prismatic Rage from component

healing on standby from Word of Renewal and Blood of Dreeg


image from the game with passive buffs + Word of Renewal and Blood of Dreeg


image from the game with passive buffs + Word of Renewal, Blood of Dreeg, Inquisitor Seal and Deadly Aim



I play SR with camera pointed away from enemies and I try my builds only in SR 65-66 and SR 80. I play around 10 SR runs per character.

This build does SR 65-66 easily. It can even do SR 80. But it behaves like a glass cannon in it so play accordingly. Results here will greatly depend on player skills. You can always kite tough enemies with SBoE on them if necessary. Tankier version is a little safer but slower.

I don’t have a time number for Crucible because I don’t play it.

Images from SR 80

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Great build! I had almost same idea planned but you beat me too it :slight_smile:

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Build looks more sturdy but I am not sure if not having Chain Lightning is good. You need it to lifesteal. Scales might not be enough I don’t know. And CS is only 130 %. Try it, it could be tankier. Also no disruption resist will make impossible fights with Grava in high SR.

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Yeah I have chain lightning on my “possibility” list, my char is still pending so it was nice to see your post so I can make fewer mistakes :wink:

Life steal I thouht some bat and sigil also could help

Was focusing on solely on storm box as damage, so might not deal enough damage :smiley: we’ll see

Yeah Chain Lightning helps a lot and Reckless Tempest is great for packs of mobs.

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I have added a tankier version with Scales from your build. It is a little tankier (still not a tank) but slower also. Better for high SR. It lost 32 RR from Elemental Storm that was applied almost instantly and there were a lot of them during fights. So a significant DPS loss.

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yes elemental storm is much better for RR in particular for groups