[] The Big One fire Sorceress - Crucible naked/SR 85



Mortar is skill present in few high-end builds in GD but up until recent build by @Ulvar1 Big One has been neglected and treated as damage loss. It was improved recently, still isn’t convincing enough but wanted to try it out. In theory should boost single target damage and AoE is always present on fire casters. Also wanted to mix things a bit, adding Canister Bomb skill with 3 pieces of Ulzuin set, including the medal and it’s mods to Blast Shield. Maybe will try Pyran next but this one is different animal…


  • permanent buffs only, damage listed is for Stormfire

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZP16vPN

GEAR: :hammer_and_pick:

Most of the items are pretty crucial to the build, including 3 pcs of Ulzuin set, Infernal Truths mask, Warpfire, Aldanar off-hand+Eternity relic for resetting cooldowns and also ring with +2 Mortar (there’s low level faction one as replacement Chosen Flame Seal also gloves and medal for Mortars mods, basically whole gear is crucial for the success. :confused:


Magi+Torch is the usual duo for offense, here I’ve added Aetherfire on Canister for AoE clearing. Also Giant’s Blood/Chariot/Ghoul for defense and Elemental Storm for high value flat RR. Not sure if I should swap BwC and Mines bindings.

DEFENSE: :shield:

So how this build survives? It’s abusing high CDR from gear and Star Pact, alongside with reset from relic/off-hand to ensure constant triggering of defensive mechanics - Blast Shield is also shining here. Healing Devotions are also very suitable, I’ve tried Scales and Bat but this configuration is more stable (surprise). And use that Mirror with good timing. For SR/naked Crucible I suggest taking few points(2 oe 4) from Star Pact and few from Overload and put them in Mirror for better uptime or maybe Vindictive Flames.


SR, build is comfortable for 75/76 farming, I’ve pushed it to 87, video from 85 full shard, no pharma, one death (my mistake)

In Crucible build melts everything, although Maiden, Grava and sometimes Kaisan takes little more time. Success rate is 100% or at least close. Times are around 4:55 on average (monster resistant to elemental hurts a lot) with my fastest run of 4:39!

Also interesting challenge complete - Naked Crucible runs with spawns. I haven’t used any consumables here either. It’s a bit tougher and requires some e-sports level of piloting but wanted to show @Dmt @Maya and now @AlkamosHater that they’re not the only people that can do it. Time could be faster but for first run isn’t that bad - 7:05!


Good job as always! You should try this 2+4 setup for crucible, sorcerers usually have decent defense so without health buff maybe you will survive. I have no idea if it’s working just for me.

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You want to skip health? I think Ulo might be more redundant, since I have good CC resists.

Also you mean Vanguard level 3 in bottom and 3x level 1 beacons right?

Btw what’s the rule, how many Tributes can you spend? I’ve never understood the common practice.
Is it the biggest number that you can repeat the whole process after 40 Tribute full reset?

The original idea was to spend as much tributes as you can get for doing 150-170 3x runs. But with ‘‘discovery’’ of Beacons it was established as rule that you can go 2-3 tributes more, so you can do 3 buffs+4 Beacons or 4 buffs + 3 level 1 beacons or 3 buffs, 2 level one beacons +1 level 2 (bottom left corner). @AlkamosHater is trying some different configuration, not sure what’s the exact cost of tributes there.

Amatok + Ulo, for damage reduction and % damage. Yes, vanguard lvl3 + 3x1lvl beacons. It cost 1 tribute more than 4+3 and can be played with just 1 buff (or 0 on retals) or 2x beacons without some huge difference. This Vanguard banner do the job.


Lmao everyone starting to do naked now after grey’s change in the sheet?

Also nery on fire :fire:


Yup, changing routines to try some new challenge can be fun. But I am no masochist, so wouldn’t try it on glassier build.

Nice sorc Nery! This got me inspired to make crucibal again :slight_smile: Gonna try some runs on my Fenix purifier and try to record. Is OBS the best software for this?

I am gonna do a shield braeker version too, I heard yesterday someone is working on such build with 5k health regen / s without procs and 12k with procs :open_mouth: that got me inspired to continue this approach of build! Also valinov posted in my thread a nice sketch of pyran sorc that I wanna try :slight_smile:


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Great build! Looks really solid in every way. I love how Giants blood and Wayward soul + ghoul is enough sustain. I’d be very tempted to go phoenix in this kind of build but i guess that would be at the cost of wayward soul :thinking:

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That one looks really solid, very good job, Nery. One thing I don’t understand is Charriot over let’s say Lantern + last nod in Torch.

Or even better: taking a map with Giant AND Phoenix.


Thanks! You can try SB or Purifier in Crucible, it will be fun.

I remember trying Pyran before but it’s interesting to test it again, focusing on health regen.

OBS is good recording software, most people use it for low/mid end PC’s. If you have newer NVIDIA VC you can run Shadowplay. I use Bandicam.

Thanks! Yup healing devotion and Blast Shield are working great for this build.

Thank you!

I actually tried Giant’s Blood and Phoenix, defense is also good, but I lose tons of OA and some DA, build isn’t that balanced and less versatile, cause I can’t afford to drop Overload points for Mirror.


I did a naked 150-170 with my purifier 11:15 LOOOOL but it was my first crucible run in like 2 years :stuck_out_tongue: I have to practice more

Thanks for tips with recordings gonna research shadowplay :slight_smile:

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Practice leads to perfection!

But doing naked run is impressive achievement!

Is there some kind of guide for crucible running that is up to date? I know I read a guide long time ago

Depends. For good timing guide by @ya1 should still makes sense. Spanks guide is more outdated. But eventually you will adapt to Crucible, when you learn waves and how to do them efficiently. You can also watch videos to see buffs/banners used and strategy how to deal with waves. I am experience running Crucible but my video quality is low, you can try some of the other forum veterans. I suggest checking videos by Plasmodermic, Banana_Peel, Lee and so on.

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Mate, with my classic Fire Demo devotion it just looks better all around. Just check it and compare to yours. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2G1Bp6Z 3030 OA instead of 3100 but it will hardly matter since you don’t have a lot of crit and don’t deal a lot of dots. Everything else is much better.

Where’s the flat RR? I don’t have points for proper BwC investment and Elemental Storm have higher flat RR values. I’ve tried configuration without it and was ~10-15 seconds slower in Crucible.


Surely with tankier version you can get by with 14/12 Blast Shield like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlm8yjZ?

What a beast of a build and monster results. Definitely inspired. Good job.

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