[] The Storm Amalgam - Light Defender/Cyclone Elemetalist!



I saw few Elementalist theorycrafts around Light Defender , so decided to post my version, which was sitting on the bench for some time. It’s combination between my last two lightning builds - Cyclone Ele and Light Defender Vindi. I use 3 pieces of LD for damage, armor and skill mods and 3 pieces of Cyclone for some extra physical resistance. Results are decent and finally posted build with Stun Jacks on CD and they fit nicely in the whole lightning/electrocute theme. And yes, this is NOT aether Light Defender build :sunglasses:


  • permanent buffs, damage for Chain Lightning

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlmO8XZ

GEAR: :hammer_and_pick:

  • 3 pieces of both set are key items, also Spark of Ultos weapon. Relic is Eye of the Storm, good lightning relic. Boots and pants are also fairly standard items. Belt is Shaman MI with vitality to lightning conversion. RIngs are mix between Quickening Gem and Storm Witch. You can go 2x gems to get 22/12 full spread but I like better the OA boost to crit enemies more often. Amulet is perhaps more controversial choice, you can use MI amulet for Stun Jacks for example but I like the OA and spirit boost by Halakor and more importantly CD. Off-hand can be replaced with the one with Storm Totems mod with % physical resistance like Thunderstruck or Sandstorm.


  • Same devotion path as my Vindicator, Elementalsit have plenty of active skills, so you can reliably proc all devotion powers. Few of the devos have Weapon Damage, that along with Bat and Ghoul helps with defense.


Build is made for Crucible and it’s pretty fast there, although you have to play like a maniac, closing down enemies with the movement skill and hit them with Stun Jacks in close range. At the other time deploy your totems/devils/mines and spam Chain Lightning. So because build is really piano times can depend on skill level and luck. My average time is around 5 and fastest run 4:42, video:

And video from Mogdrogen, cause lightning builds have pretty easy times against him:


Nice! 3 pc cyclone is basically my default platform when I start putting together most shaman builds, like the double blend.

Did you try running this with upgraded tempest devo over spear? Or do you absolutely need the leech from spear procs? I’ve gotten pretty hot on tempest after the last round of buffs when rolling good CDR, you’d have very little downtime on the proc.

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I haven’t tested it on current build. I like to use Tempest too, I’ve utilize it before on Arcanist builds with Star Pact, where you can achieve 100% uptime. It’s very fitting in Druid and Sorc. Elementalist can use it too, what’s your devotion route? For instance I would go on purple route with Phoenix and maybe healing devotions or even Crab.

Nothing set as I tend to have small variations depending on character. If I’m going tempest I usually end up taking toad and quill to get my purple, but still grab ultos