[] The Upheaval of Balance - Lightning Savagery Druid - CR 170 (3:53) SR 90

I meant Ugdenbog sparkthrower.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Incredible build! Did you ever consider the Ugdenbog Arcaneweave + Fire Strike to combo with Upheaval?

Finally got around to making this last night. Incredible build. Not as epic to look at as eard’s PS build, but I’ve always preferred savagery, so it suits me well. I love the fact that it can be tweaked for many different types of players as well. For example, if I was leveling a character like this, I would have feral for survival etc. Amazing build though!


Hi forum, hi sp00ky ! I am beginner grim dawn. I really like the build.I want to do this construction I would like to ask pls leveling guide in grimtools lvl 30/60/100 thy helping

This build would be difficult to level and function the same way. You have to kee OA as high as possible and there aren’t many synergistic items for leveling savagery on gun. It would be easier for a beginner to go with Primal Strike and ugdenbog spark thrower and then respec to this later. That way you will have a lot more synergistic items along the way. If you truly want to use ranged savagery, I can make you some builds, but I would def advise PS. I’ve done it 3 or 4 times now and it’s extremely consistent

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OOh thy pls help me PS build. Big THy

If you scroll up, I believe a leveling guide is linked. I forgot to add it to the OP

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This concept is so damn powerful. I ended up trying one of my own based off your build. The damage is insane! Thanks so much for sharing your build :smiley:


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