[] Watch Cairn burn! Infernal Knight Blackwater Cocktail, Thermite Mines, Canister Bombs, Grenade Purifier. Celestial killer! (Crate, Ravager, Mogdrogen, Calla) Cruci 150-170. SR 75-76

Today I wanna share with you probably my most successfull build so far.
The whole idea started with the usuall Demo leveling setup: BWC, Canister, Mines, which I enjoyed so much that I made an actuall endgame build using these.

Shoutouts go to @Dmt for getting me semi hooked to anything bombs related after playing her Shieldbreaker some time ago, to @RektbyProtoss for inspiring me to go out there and hunt Celestial after watching his Crate HC kill on his Canister Sorc, to @skry for telling me to use the gif above, to @eardianm @Monceaux @Valinov @Crittrain @TomoDaK & @romanN1 for the great input you always give me on discord! :heart:

The build: :point_right: GRIM TOOLS LINK! :point_left:
(craftable gear parts are crafted with % physique!)


The devotions:

Character stats with Deadly Aim & World of Reneval up:





Screenshots of the Celestial kills:

Crate of Entertainment:

Avatar of Mogdrogen:

Ravager (of Flesh):

Callagadra, Scion of Sands:

Screenshots of Cruci
(please dont ask me for a time, did a run from 1 to 170 plus Iā€™m usually not a Cruci guy at all) and Shattered Realm 75-76:



Pros & Cons of the build:


  • Eye candy!
  • Lots of fire & burn dmg. with great kiting capabilities.
  • Can do endgame WITHOUT the need to swap out gear parts, comps or augs.


  • Unforgiving! You need to pilot well, know when to DPS, kite, pot- & skill timings are extremly important! If you just want a braindead mouse 1 tanker this build IS NOT for you!

For the people who want to level something similar:

The 4 shown MIs are all accessible somewhat early in the game and will easily carry you while going through the game! Just make sure to get new ones once in a while! :wink:
If you also happen to be able to craft the shown relic, great!
Its not needed tho! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, suggestions, improvements, input, constructive criticism feel free to post it down bellow!
Have fun playing and cheers :clinking_glasses: , Mergo! :sunglasses: