[] 2H Avenger Archon Callagadra kill 2m50s, Ravager kill 1m40s, Mogdrogen kill 1m55s, Crate of Entertainment kill 1m, SR 75~76 easy farm[vid]

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Constellations can be self-sustaining so probably bought back a point from the Crossroads one somewhere along the way. Or used another constellation and then refunded it all a bit later once the constellation that needed it was self-sustaining.

Oh weird, ok, so basically fill out another constellation that gives yellow points, then fill out the scales/balance one (which also gives yellow) then undo that first one - but the scales/balance now creates its OWN requirement points. So strange, but I’ll take it! Thank you for the reply.

you can do similar with gear too conserning attributes. Like if chest gives spirit bonus and require 600 spirit to use but you only got 590 say. Then equip item like ring that give spirit, but on chest, then remove ring.

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Yes. Looking at the devotions you can get 2 yellow each from Bull, Assassin’s Blade and Panther to give you 6. Put points into Lion and that gives you 3 more for a total of 9. Scales requires 8, but when you complete it it gives you 2 more yellow so you can refund Lion and still have 8 yellows in total.

Awesome to know, thank you very much.

Ok, one more new guy question, if anybody has the time? The Devotions this build has shown look like 59 total points, not 55. Is there a way to get 4 extra? I tried some Googling and didn’t see anything come up, but when I tried to get all the Devotions shown here, I ran out of points. So I counted the ones shown here, and unless I’m blind, I’m counting a total of 59 points shown, not 55. I’m wondering if I’m missing something?

Thanks all.

SIGH. Nevermind, I am, in fact, blind. I had thought this build selected the center starter points. Please ignore me, LOL.

Hi I just want to thank Shopping for the great build (though I used it with my own mod adding extra devotion points and skill points) I was able to facetank just held left click the entire battle both Mogdrogen and Ravager without any potion, though I don’t have the Bear King Medal yet and used Mark of Divinity instead. Man this build is just awesome right up my fancy of facetanking everything.

what boot did you use?

Mythical Stonewrought Groundbreakers, for amulet I don’t have the Beronath yet so I used Conduit of Wild Whispers instead, Mark of Divinity instead of Sigil of the Bear King, the rest I followed the guide, also please note that I have 25 extra devotion points and around 60 plus more skill points as I am using my own mod. But damn is it so satisfying to left click a Celestial to death

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It is not the same thing if you can give yourself those extra powers. But hey if you think it is fun then who am I to tell you otherwise :slight_smile:

yup but on the same mod my Vit Conjurer can’t tank it and I’m like playing La Campanella ~ Liszt

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Here I come, right on time, but I need to ask :slight_smile:
Wouldn’t 3 points used for CC reduction in Aeon’s Hourglass be better used in Wendigo 3 pts?
Or is this variant tested and tried for best possible outcome?

There is no correct answer to Devotion :미소:

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@Shopping How does the build hold up in the current patch? Can it still facetank Calla with ease?

It’s not easy to kill Callagadra. A dangerous moment comes, and you can kill it by crossing this hump. Build upgrade Callagadra kill Crate of Entertainment kill

Build upgrade grimtools Callagadra

Build upgrade grimtools Normally

Work well with