[] 2H Avenger Archon Callagadra kill 2m50s, Ravager kill 1m40s, Mogdrogen kill 1m55s, Crate of Entertainment kill 1m, SR 75~76 easy farm[vid]

Grimtools(SR, Ravager, Mogdrogen)

Mogdrogen kill 1m55s

Ravager kill 1m40s

Lokarr kill 15s

SR 75~76


Callagadra kill 2m50s


Crate of Entertainment kill 1m


imo a unorthodox build and devotion route. Or? Guys?

Love it.

Very much so, throws practically all convention out the window. Super low DA, low armor absorb… Empyrion is key here, 24% DR is almost as much as 12/12 War Cry. I would never look at this build and say “this is going to work.” But it does.

I’m definitely missing something, where is the DR coming from?

Awesome build by the way!

If you mean DR as in damage reduction then it is coming from the devotion Light of Empyrion.

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Damn such a nice build. Just face tank and kill everything.

I am testing it currently and with no augments or components meaning that I have horrible resists, bad OA and nonexistent DA , I can facetank everything in campaign while dishing out 800k

I have a little question here, how can you wear the chausses of barbados? I’m wearing all the items except the gloves (because I dont have them yet) but I don’t get my Physique past 875 and I still need 932 for the pants. An they won’t hold themselves with the +18 from Ancient Armor Plating

You can just reset your attribute points and put enough into physique to allow the pants. You won’t need 1035 if you are following his devotions.

yes I know (and I did it already), but when I configured my char exactly as in the grim dawn builder (devotions, skills, items, attributes) I couldn’t wear the pants but in the builder it worked. So something can’t work out here with the attributes set to +34 physique and +73 cunning

How would this compare to a Warder version? For example: https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/1-1-6-2-lazy-physical-warder/97581

That linked warder version would struggle against cc. This one has higher dps by alot due to the OK rr. In builds like this, if you aren’t whacking it with your stick you are dead.

I’d have to disagree with you. I’d have both these builds, and prefer the Warder build I posted. The Warder has better survivability due to health regeneration. Craft items for cc resists. And while the archon does have higher dps, it’s slight, not by a lot as you stated. When farming sr 80-81, overall I find the Warder performs better.

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Can you post a sub 3 minute Calla kill with the warder? If so I will stand corrected.

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I wanted to follow up your comment, I’ve got a Lightning Warder with what 12/12 War Cry, and more pretty much every defensive stat but still doesn’t look as tanky as this, is the secret sauce here the DR combined with insane DPS? My Lifesteal is more but maybe my dps is slower. Keen to learn and take learnings to my other characters.

I only play hardcore. I recently reset my game, and first (purple) set I found was Ultos. 2nd set was Avengers. So, I leveled up a couple of warders and tried them out. Here’s what I found:

  1. PS warder does great dps but needs a ton of LS to feel good. Even then, I end up needing to use a potion or 2 against fabius. Feels squishy af in SR. Didn’t even bother taking it into crucible, just used to farm totems.

  2. Avengers warder is incredibly tanky and all content ready from day 1. The huge phys resist, plus now the ability to run Menhir’s Bulwark with a 2h, make this a real bad boy for hardcore players who want to have a smooth time in gladiator 170 or deep into SR.

Based upon what I’ve seen here, the Archon in 1.8 looks to be on par with the warder, though it does seem like the warder will be much tankier now. I might need to level up an Archon to do some real testing though.

how the hell is this so strong lmao

Hi ArteZ! I just finished building my version of this build, and you can meet the requirements with Serenity’s completion bonus. :smiley: At least that’s how I was able to equip the pants.

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Hi everyone, posting my first ever Ultimate SR60 thanks to this build. Thanks Shopping!

Yep, the video has no sound. I prefer to listen to music while playing, specially with ARPGs since endgame is just a barrage of grunts and sound effects anyway. :slight_smile:

Grim Tools link to my version:

00:23 Run starts
03:27 Boss room
04:38 Run ends

Please ignore the speed or time-to-kill, as you can see I’m using Grim Internals to bump the game speed to 135%. The point of this video is to show you just how resilient and forgiving Shopping’s build is. I wouldn’t be surprised if vets cringed at my piloting (note how long it took me to notice that I got debuffed!) or my choice of components and boots haha. And yet I managed to complete SR 60! Thanks Shopping!

I’m still relatively new to Grim Dawn. This is only my 6th level 100 character, and this is the first time I beat Ultimate SR 60. But in my humble (and probably wrong) opinion, the reason why this build is so strong despite having paper-thin Defensive Ability, Armor and Armor Absorption isn’t just because of Light of Empyrion. Although that is certainly a strong debuff, I don’t think I would survive in SR on that alone. I think this build’s real strength is the insane healing and regeneration provided by Shaman’s Feral Hunger (boosted by The Crimson Claws), the Bloodfrenzy passive from the Bloodrager’s Cowl, and the Nature’s Avenger set bonus passive from the eponymous set. The fact that Nature’s Avenger doesn’t have a helmet and gloves makes this health gain triple combo possible.

Stats according to the game: Feral Hunger hits for 35K to 69k. It triggers 29% of the time with 5 targets max, healing for 37% of attack damage, plus 12% more from The Crimson Claws. I attack roughly 3 times per second, so one Feral Hunger per second on average. I don’t know how accurate those numbers are, but that is a ton of healing.

The durations of both Bloodfrenzy and Nature’s Avenger are longer than their respective recharge periods, and they both have very high chances to activate: 100% on enemy death for Bloodfrenzy (sometimes your Guardians proc this), 50% on being hit for Nature’s Avenger. And those two are pretty much the only things you’ll be doing. :smiley:

Of course, having high health to begin with is crucial since the gains are percent-based. But again, this is all just what I think. Overall, Shopping is a mad genius and their build is really funny. It seems like it shouldn’t work, but it just keeps on going, and is very simple to use too!

I’d love to hear your suggestions for boots besides crafted Stoneplate Greaves. I don’t have enough Scrap to gamble for Shopping’s best in slot roll. :frowning:

For Grim Dawn newbies: While this build is nearly idiot proof in terms of piloting, ultimately it’s not noob-friendly because of the gear required. It’s not as hard to complete as other builds because of transmutation, but it’s certainly not something you can try as your first character. You can try leveling as a Primal Strike Shaman then hitting totems until you complete the required gear, but that’s a long, long, long shot. You’d be better off playing something you actually enjoy while you play and farm. Although it would be awesome if someone made a budget or self-found version of this build. :smiley:


I’m newer to the game, so this may be a dumb question - but I’m not seeing how you pick up your 8th yellow devotion point in order to get over to the scales/balance constellation? When I try it, I only get 7 of 8 needed. Is there some way of getting one through the story or something that I’m unaware of?