Nature’s Avenger set

I’ve looked for a Warlord or Archon build using the. Ature’s Avenger set, but all I find are Warders.

Can someone help me understand the trade offs between a Warlord/Warder/Archon for using the Nature’s Avenger set? I can’t predicte how each combo will feel and compare


warder is tankiest, archon does more more dmg, warlord is somewhere in the middle/less tanky and dmg relies on trauma since flat phys gets eaten a lot by armor
(note i haven’t tried the 9.2 patch changes so warlord might get nicely buffed there in next patch)

shopping has an archon post i think, and avenger warlord is, somewhere? :thinking:
shopping’s archon [] 2H Avenger Archon Callagadra kill 2m50s, Ravager kill 1m40s, Mogdrogen kill 1m55s, Crate of Entertainment kill 1m, SR 75~76 easy farm[vid]
edit found Baka’s Warlord [] [Warlord] The Korvan Tiger can’t remember if there were others/newer