[] [Warlord] The Korvan Tiger

Stats shown are with passives, Deadly Momentum and Ascension active. Sheet DPS is Cadence.


Setup I use

I’ve forged my gear at Arngrim for % Armour/Physique.

Probably BiS affixes setup

Forge your gear with whatever bonus you’d like. Crit damage or Armour for more Offense or Defense would likely be my picks.


Special thanks to @Snowmanplayer123 for helping make improvements on early build sketches and to the rest of the Grim Dawn Discord community.

Big thanks to @romanN1 for trying it out and recording a run of Gladiator 150-170 at the bottom of the build post.

Build Concept

  • Stacking Trauma damage is the core concept for the character. We get a load of flat Trauma damage through Deadly Momentum, Presence of Virtue and Divine Mandate in our masteries to start off with and more from devotion/gear.
  • All of this flat Trauma is funnelled through Cadence’s high weapon damage modifier of 468%. And as we can spam it, we are able to reapply it constantly to try for high range and crit rolls.
  • Zolhan’s Technique, Doomforce, Forcewave, Blind Fury, Bull Rush and various procs act as secondary sources of Trauma, many of which are applied passively while auto-attacking.
  • For sustain, we are still capable of putting out large globs of Physical damage through Cadence and our buffed WPS to lifesteal off of. Nature’s Avenger is not to be ignored either pushing us to 1k health regen/s.
  • Damage mitigation comes from War Cry, Ascension, Resilience, Menhir’s Will and Nature’s Avenger/Stonetreaders giving above average Physical resistance/Armour/Physical damage absorption.
  • In total, we have 86% Reflected damage reduction. Reflect DoTs can still be a mild threat on occasions in my experience, however a Titan Plating instead of the Chains of Oleron can push the value to 100% if desired.


Cadence (Blind Fury): Main way of applying Physical and Trauma damage.
Forcewave (Assassin’s Mark): Secondary source of Trauma damage and devotion bind. Also helps out with AoE a bit.
War Cry: Reduces all damage we take and increases damage we deal out in a wide area around us.
Ascension: Reduces residual chip damage such as DoT damage or from crowds of weaker enemies.
Summon Guardian of Empyrion (Bull Rush): Increases the damage we deal in an aura around the Guardian and acts as a source of Trauma through Bull Rush.
Doomforce: Wide AoE source of damage to compliment Cadence’s lack of it.
Stormtitan’s Charge: Personal preference on what movement skill you use. Stormtitan is another strong source of Trauma damage when converted.
(Optional) Pet Attack: Use it to focus your Guardians on specific enemies.

Field Command: Provides OA, DA and % Armour, all great stats.
Presence of Virtue: Provides OA, energy regen and more importantly, a ton of flat Trauma damage on 50% of our weapon attacks.
Divine Mandate: Provides some crit damage, flat Trauma damage and increased Trauma duration. Great things to have on a DoT build.
Presence of Might: Nice bump to Physical resistance and % Physical/Trauma damage.

Resist Reduction

Break Morale: Provides 34* reduced target’s Physical resistance in a wide area centred on our character.
Assassin’s Mark: Provides -32% Physical resistance to all enemies that are crit by Forcewave.
Celestial Presence: Provides -32% Physical resistance to all enemies in an area centred on both Guardians.
Ring of the Black Matriarch: Provides -10% Physical resistance to enemies effected by the Venom of the Black Matriarch debuff.

In total, this leaves us at -74% Physical resistance and 34 reduced target’s Physical resistance. Effectively -108% Physical resistance, pretty good amount.

*Can be increased to 35 with a +1 Deadly Momentum / +1 Break Morale completion bonus on your relic if you have one.


Enough in Spirit to equip our rings/amulet. Split investment between Cunning for adequate OA and Physique for adequate DA.


Keep War Cry’s debuff up at all times. Use Forcewave and Doomforce when they come off cooldown, Forcewave first preferably because of Assassin’s Mark. Ascension can be used for a damage bump or to defend against large amounts of DoTs (like multiple Kuba Bleed pools). While you’re not using Doomforce, Forcewave or War Cry, use Cadence.

Kills and Achievements


Reserved post for future developments.

Nice build!

Very creative use of Forcewave on CD and internal trauma. Avenger WL is also an explored option. I actually tried it and found bleeding with few pieces Bloodrager in the mix was more stable and faster build than trauma :man_shrugging:

Btw do you have good rolled Kaisan eye? It should be better than Peerless eye. Also what you think about Earthshatter boots and their skill? Extra Trauma damage.

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Nice take on Avenger Warlord!

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxkLLJ2 Like this(got BiS stats) :slight_smile: I like very much that kaisan necklaces I keep all kinds of them exceps with pet bonusses and I was going to say exactly that but apparently you already did. You can find a good one with 130+ OA and some resistances. I use physique one here to get DA and HP. Nice build btw but looks squishy. How do I know? Because mine is a bit squishy, even though with all procs I get over 250k dps somewhat my health bar is going down and up like crazy though I don’t die I often get too close to death. And I also realized there is no really good Medal if you are not clearly focusing on Trauma or Bleeding.

@fordprefect why do you have fightning form at 18/12? it makes no sense to go beyond 12/12 for the 3 targets. And why squad tactics at 15/12? no reason to go beyond 12/12 there either. Spend the points in Break Morale instead or Guardians of empyrion for their RR aura.
This should make much more sense skill points -wise https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvBJLjV

You do not even have the “correct” Kaisan amulet (the one that gives crowd control res) and Mighty of Fortitude is NOT BiS

And sure you have max res, but not (enough) overcapped ones.

here you have something to aim for regarding amulet, and new skill distribution

And you want Covens Terror weapon augment, flat physical damage from individual sources will have individual armor checks. Same with ring augments, try Survivors ingenuity instead.

There are several good medals, in particular you can get one that has +% maximum resistances

@Evil_Baka sorry for hijacking your thread mate!

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Yeah I know, the build is not finished and I haven’t finished the campaign in ultimate yet either. I was going to try to get the GoE but decided to wait until that I found a possible better gear to overcapping option without sacrificing OA or DA(which are low) and really need more -phys resist. Up to that point I decided to use Crushing Verdict to reduce DA. I have dozens of Kaisan’s thanks for advice I’ll check my inv to get on that. Let’s not hijack the thread.

Wait what?

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Interesting, was that still full on Trauma stacking or hybrid Bleed/Trauma? Did you go after Bleed RR if it was a hybrid or not?

Are you including Peerless Eye’s crit damage on that? I’d be skeptical in saying Kaisan affixes are better than 12% crit damage for a DoT build unless it’s because the resists allow me to grab other stuff like using Prismatic Diamond on my actual setup.

I could start farming Kaisan Eyes to see if I get a really good one but I won’t be able to do a build update for a while.

Thanks for the tip, don’t know how I missed those. Should be able to push over 500k dummy ticks :grinning:

Thanks and no worries :+1:

Depends on what you’re fighting/doing? Keep in mind as well compared to your character that I often have Avenger’s set proc up for 16% more Physical resistance, 920 more passive health regen, Stonetreader’s buff give as much armour as Ulzaad all the time, and I can freely kite without losing too much damage as my DoTs continue to tick.

Sigil of the Bear King is fine for Trauma, every source contributes no matter how small they are. Bleed builds have Mark of Consumption.

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Of course my build is more focused on physical damage instead of dots but I have also higher lifesteal which is better than hp regen if you are not kiting.(I don’t like kiting with melee builds, I first started this build as bleeding then I changed.) And yes I’m aware those medals and I have them. I meant that if you are not focused on Dots, there is no real good legendary physical damage medal for these builds.

Could just easily swap my Seal of Might for Blades if you want the extra life steal. I originally did have Blades but went Might as I wanted to squeeze out more % Trauma damage :man_shrugging:. You did not answer my question either btw - what content are you tackling with your character?

My mistake on the medal part, I see what you mean now.

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I’m currently still on MC. Haven’t finished Malmouth of FG yet in ultimate with this one. I am also not eager to proceed deeper in SR or Crucible with any character. I’m a casual player what you may call. Little over 700 hours. I kill nemesises and celestials(if I can.) and run SR and Crucible to just farm.

I’m mainly a campaign player so I’m confident my character would be able to handle all roguelike Bosses and Nemeses fairly well. As for Celestials, Mogdrogen should be doable with the standard Lightning res gear stuff, Ravager will require consumables and compared to Nery suggesting I use Earthshatter Treads, I’d actually stick with Stonetreaders or Golemborn Greaves for him for more armour. Callagadra I don’t know as it would involve a whole load of kiting and praying you don’t die to her sand waves. No idea on Crate.

As for other areas of the game, I’m not experienced in Crucible but have taken the character up to Gladiator 150 on 4 buffs with no changes (as the build could be finetuned specifically for Crucible). I’ve yet to try SR.

Have you tested Mythical Goliath Signet instead of Coven Storm Seal?

Craftable (Bonus), nice procc, some shuffling with resistances necessary…maybe worth trying it?

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Yes full Trauma build vs full Bleeding. Bleed RR was in bleed version, from Rend.

Bleed/Trauma Hybrid is also an option, going Rend, Assasin and Ulzaad, although this kind of configuration will have very unequal split, your trauma numbers will be big. Although stacking two separate DoT damage is very novel approach.

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Good call. If I can sort resistances and DA out, the proc should be a slight increase on Trauma damage (70/5s flat on PoV vs 85/2s on the proc) and more damage via the Physical (though it does have to contend with armour so might be neglible anyway).

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