[] Beginner's Forgotten Blademaster

If you can kill Kuba,Kubacabra chausses are pretty good,due to bonus to Deadly momentum.OA based pants are good,although Solael of readiness for example should outperform them.

Yes, Kuba’s Chausses are also a good option. I’ve killed Kuba a few times on Elite with this build, so it’s perfectly farmable. Added to the guide.

How about the Malmouth Vanguard Pauldrons?

We get flat physical (that we will convert) instead of pierce

And we get +3 Cadance instead of Fightning form (we do not aim to get 12/12 and 3 targets anyway)

we loose around +50% pierce damage (on average)

we get on average 5% deflect chance (good for MQ and other shotgun mobs like Gargabol?)

You miss that this +3 to Fighting Form also gives some free +%pierce though :stuck_out_tongue:

But to be honest I didn’t consider them. Part of the reason Coven’s Spaulders work well enough and it’s easier to grind one shop for better rolls than two, since you can check out both Chest and Shoulders. On the other hand I do get Malmouth rings as well… :undecided:

While it is indeed a possible alternative, I need to check it out before I could recommend it. But I’m pretty optimistic about it because it provides %chaos resistance instead of %elemental, so even if damage ends up being lower, if it’s not by much it’ll still be worth it.

Ah yeah true one misses +27% pierce damage on cadence, I always forget about that - I am too used of thinking that the damage bonuses comes only from Deadly Momentum (which is false)

build is working. beginner approved :thumpsup:

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0WKME2 my guy. Still working to get all the HC archivements. Augments sucks and compoments are the bad ones cause i dont got all recipes.

I finished vanilla hc ultimate, and aom act 5 and now on my way to the endboss aom.


I found

warborn gavel
warborn shoulders
and bladebreaker sash
everything mystical.

now i ask. is this a upgrade?
the shoulders - ok. give me more cadence points
the sash? I lose cadence skill points
and the gavel? I lose armor piercings, but i will get a set bonus.

Interesting,but Warborn is different build,very good:p.Bladebreaker sash is probably the best belt for BM,only Oleron is a match.


Glad my build worked out for you.

Warborn is a part of JoV’s physical blademaster, so it’s not an upgrade in my opinion since even damage type is different. Switching to that setup won’t make sense without mythical Beronath, Reforged. A standalone Shoulderguard is usable, but won’t make that much of a difference.

Mythical Blade Breaker Sash is 100% an upgrade over my green belt.

hey. me again.

i found a Mythical Reaver’s Claw. I think this is a upgrade. But dont know what sword to replace.


tooltip says, that the one with attack speed is better. But the other one gives a lot flat pierce dmg.

The superior one have flat physical that will be converted to pierce via armor piercing though.

Replace the one to the right “puncturing of spines” since you get so many nice mods on the left one (like even more damage against humans, cunning etc). Tooltips often “lie”

Why do you have points in Menhir will? Require shield or 2H melee weapon.
Not worth getting War Cry above 12/12 imo, not that much you get in return.
Odd ranks in Shadow dance above 12/12 not worth, get higher veil of shadow for OA shred instead (or night chill for rr)

It’s an upgrade, check The Impaler build in the Prospects section. I’d follow the tooltip, but you need to check with all buffs up.

thx thx thx thx @ both char is getting stronger and stronger

menhirs will… dont know. Did not read the “only with shield and 2hand” :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Nice beginners build! Full respect for this job bro!

So. I got my hardcore archivements beside the shattered realm ones.

Thank you for planing and posting the build here. 100% beginner and starter friendly.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZo4nllN Hero that finished hardcore ultimate fg and aom. Got a little lucky with some drops I think. But overall build from the Original Post can easy farm the rogue dungeons and start growing.

btw… see you in some month: d3 season is started :smiley:

Wow SD, I have to say the BM blows my still-Mindwarpless DK out of the water. Thanks for the lovely guide (again) which I have followed and transitioned to Superfluff’s boss-massacre build.

Would you be willing to add information on what stats to favor in what sort of priorities for this build? Maybe what to use is pretty different while levelling vs towards the end? Maybe there are other discussions that already cover this?

Links are welcome.

You’re basically asking how to optimize a character in every given situation. There’s no chance I’m adding anything like that. That’s something a player learns by trying to optimize builds himself.

Some easy tips:

  1. Early game dps improvements will come from your skills and devotions. Players who follow the guide got nothing to worry about as is.
  2. Lategame dps improvements come from using correct gear pieces that boost the most important skills as well as provide flat phys/pierce and %pierce. The importance of boosting particular skills is already emphasized.
  3. Keeping your armor up to level is bloody important. Common knowledge, briefly covered in the levelling guide.
  4. Having your resistances capped is important, the later into the game the more important. Briefly mentioned in the levelling section.
  5. If you play normal you can largely ignore OA and DA. On veteran you need to get some from gear. Also covered in the guide, in the walkthrough section.
  6. Generally 100 hp per character level, but for blademaster it is easy to satisfy, not worth emphasizing.

So as you can see, it doesn’t appear like I have to add anything.

Sorry, I don’t know of any threads that discuss such things, but perhaps checking the guide section of the forum will help?

Hi guys,

Cool guide! I’m just sticking to this to level my first character in grim dawn (currently lvl 44).
There were some few questions arising:

  1. Cadence deosnt seem to have good aoe capabilities (ok there is Fighting Form, but that barely makes an impact). So cleaspeed is a little lackluster. How do I lvl fast? Skill back to Ring of Steel?
  2. How important is lifesteal? I dont have it on my slicers and heavily rely on Pneumatic Burst
  3. What kind of items should I look for? I mean I think I have a feeling what good stats are, but is it useful to look out for things that could improve a next character even on normal?
  1. AoE is lackluster at this point if you try to kill everything, while you shouldn’t. Kill bosses/heroes/yellows/melee, don’t chase every ranged mob that barely scratches you. After getting Azrakaa it’ll get better. Get Belgothian’s Shears to 5 as a temporary solution.

  2. Not necessary until later in the game. If you feel like Pneumatic Breath is not enough you’re neglecting defenses.