[] Bones of the Fallen Ch'thon: Chaos Bone Harvest Cabalist [SR 80, Crucible, Video]

Karroz Lore Notes

I must remain behind with the others to finish our great work, yet, even as you depart your lives, you will advance this broken world one step closer to the end time. The time when the dismal, suffering world will become reunited with Ch’thon, making the oldest of the old whole again and righting the great wrong perpetrated millennia ago by the false gods! These upstart gods who manipulated the course of our existence, set themselves up to be the objects of worship and who have lived off our blood and toil for ages.

The Chaos Bone Harvest Conduit is a very interesting conduit, as it adds 5 meters to its range. Between the Conduit & Dread, the base skill’s range is doubled to 14 meters, which is a huge range for killing enemies and leeching from as many foes as possible. With a skill as much leeching ability as Bone Harvest, I decided to transform it from a general nuke + Soul Harvest buff to a pseudo-main ability.

Chaos Bone Harvest GRIMTOOLS

Core items:
Mythical Iceskorn Talons: Not only do these gloves allow me to reach 26/16 Bone Harvest, but the modifier grants a 12% chance to completely reset the cooldown.
Bloodlord’s Blade: Nothing describes Chaos as much as randomness, embodied in this blade. The modifier for this blade grants an additional 12% of 100% Skill Cooldown Reduction, and this applies to most skills in the game, including Blood of Dreeg and Mark of Torment.
Rylok Mark of the Gildam Arcanum: The “Gildam Arcanum” suffix is a jewelry suffix that provides additional random chance of cooldown reduction, and the Sigil medal is a perfect vehicle for it.

With the “Soulwarding” suffix on the Blade, it’s possible to get 26/16 Bone Harvest with no wasted equipment slots; and with the extra slots freed up, I give extra focus on providing Chaos RR, as the class combo has no innate RR. The enemy resistance nerfs benefit this build, as all of the RR comes from either items or devotions.

As with other builds, I try to combine passive sustain with active sustain:

  • Passive Sustain: Blood of Dreeg, Healing Rain (mainly to counteract Dying God’s Health Drain), & Scales (overkill Energy regen, but I like much better as a source of RR especially as 50% of Vitality is converted to chaos)

  • Active Sustain: Bone Harvest’s 300% Weapon Damage with 11% ADCTH, Sigil of Consumption (100% Fire conversion to Chaos as well as the occasional CDR reset), fully converted Flame Torrent attached to Sigils.

For Crucible, the AoE & leech from Sigils is huge, and you can facetank nearly everything between the blessings and hordes of monsters. Here’s a video with a time of 8:25: not the greatest, obviously, but well within the range of how I perform in Crucible.

[ EDIT]: The buffs to Turtle make this a lot more enjoyable to play. Combined with the 1v1 nature of the SR boss rooms, it’s definitely capable of going through SR 80. I’m much more comfortable running SR 75-76 just in case you run into something like Reaper with the Chaos resistance mutator.


I’m literally at this very moment messing with 2h Chaos Bone Harvest :wink:
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnOE5G2 @Ulvar1 Another Oblivion (+BH) build, can’t help it dude
(link is old but I’ve come back to it)

@thepowerofmediocrity I like how you’ve stacked a lot of flat despite it being a 1-hander build. 2h version I started is more Bone Harvest focused but you got some other skills well developed to compensate.

@Nery That would be my 2nd Chaos Apostate… Someone has to do it (and others like Aether Vindicator) when you hate builds without appropriate exclusive skills :wink: “Spoiled brat” just came to my mind.

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If I remember right @Plasmodermic did a 2h chaos BH character that was decent too.

I like the build here, it’s a fun conduit.

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LoL, you got me real nice! But in my defense, I have played plenty of Sabo’s and chaos Harbinger Purifier…

OP, nice creativity and I giggled at no-pets tag.

I already have one Cabalist with Obsidian Juggernaut similar to my Witchblade/Warlock. A little weaker than them but can do SR 80. I will post it sometime.

To me such Cabalist would be more a gimmicky Obsidian Tremor build. Although I guess there is a synergy with Rah’Zin conversions so I’ll give you that. But it’s hard to label it as a Chaos Bone Harvest build in my opinion. I will have to see it for myself to decide (how much of Bone Harvest stuff / skills points have you managed to squeeze in and calculate what % of the total damage Bone Harvest does). The other thing is that it’s natural to frown upon Obsidian Tremor builds that are not Witchblade / Pyro / Deceiver.

No it is not. I was talking about the Oblivion part. I also wanted to make non pet and non vit caster Cabalist.

It must have been on your Discord because it’s neither on YT nor on the forum.
I wanted to have a look because I wondered if he also used Oblivion.
Because I have a thought that :crate: purposely added range to Chaos Bone Harvest
so that you can pair it with Oblivion and have 2 long range AoE waves at your disposal.

Btw Plasmodermic hasn’t posted for so long that I almost forgot he exists :roll_eyes: He lurks though.

Great stuff! I love that you managed to squeeze in a theme as well!

That said, if you’re willing to compromise on the theme a bit, Bloodsworn Scepter with Cabalist (Bone Harvest) prefix and maybe Of the Cabal suffix (to add back some of the lost OA) or Of the Abyss(???) seems like it could be a twist worth exploring for more Sigils focus, bringing you to 100% vit to chaos conversion as well. IDK, I haven’t done the napkin math and the thought of parting with the CDR mod to Possession seems sad :cry:. Maybe there’s some silly weapon swap potential for SR or something?

In any case, between this and pierce Vire’s Might, you seem to be on a roll lately with fun build ideas!

If I was going to go with full Chaos Doom Bolt + Sigils, I’d lean more towards the Black Flame set, as without the CDR mod, there’s not much of a point in using the Chaos Bone Harvest. There are plenty of skills that could compliment Chaos Sigils while providing better Chaos support either through RR or better skill distribution.

Sticking with the theme of the Bloodlord’s Sword, I’m going to try out a second build with it that uses the other “chance of 100% Skill Cooldown Reduction:” Voidsoul Sentinel

Since the set makes Aegis a Vitality / Chaos hybrid, I make sure to account for damage and RR for both types. Having 20/12 Reprisal + the Bloodsworn mod, there’s roughly a 1/3 chance of resetting the cooldown, which makes the large damage boost almost worth the additional second recharge.


I created the Voidsoul Sentinel so see how it compares to the Bone Harvest Cabalist:

The Sentinel doesn’t have an “idle” spell to run when the main hitters (Aegis of Menhir + Doom Bolt) are on cooldown, so there’s this whole bunch of deadtime where I can’t do anything put make sure I debuff the enemies with CoF and such. The sustain is unreal and it’s capable of SR 80+, but it feels like a slog to play. If I had more skill points available, I’d use that Oblivion relic to have a spam spell, but with only 150% Cast Speed, I’m betting it feels sluggish.

The Bone Harvest Cabalist feels a lot more natural to me - it supports my controller playstyle very well, and there’s a lot more active skills that the chance to reset on Possession really puts in the work. Getting double Sigils and double Mark of Torment feels wonderful when you’re facing a tough SR enemy.