[] Doom Bolt Warlock, challenge build - no other mastery attack skills used

Challenge: Build a character around main attack skill DOOM BOLT, using NO OTHER MASTERY ATTACK SKILLS.

Please note - this was not an attempt to create a bestest-ever SR/Crucible/celestial build, I just wanted to test the viability of a build using Doom Bolt and no other mastery attack skills.

Result: A fun character to play, with surprising survivability considering the low health and traditionally ‘glass cannon’ build. Stacking some cooldown reduction for Doom Bolt from various items is an essential element as it makes the high-damage skill almost spammable.



Campaign fights and a short skills/devotions overview:


For more DOOM action you should use a Bloodsworn Repeater (even less CD) and max Overload + Elemental Balance (more crit rate and damage)


I like fang for the concept actually. The ability to get adcth on bolt is very nice.

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I was too focused on the pseudo-spam idea and overlooked this part. How would the build sustain without it too

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I might try tweaking it to something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pPMJK2
Biting blades filler instead of beronath shard (100% acid to chaos + ~50% pierce to chaos) + more base adcth + flat rr from rev. shoulders roll might be a little bit un-realistic, but getting one prefix or suffix with %chaos damage shouldnt be too hard.

Good work on the build concept :ok_hand: it looks fun


Thanks for all the replies so far - loving that people are actually interested in this!

So I have to ask the obvious question.

Doom Guy (GD) vs Doom Guy (Doom). Who wins?


Rip and Tear, every time.
I need to try harder :slight_smile: