[] Elementalist + vitality devotion. 150-170 5m 12s. 85 SR and other bosses

Hello everyone. I want to show my elementalist build on the cyclone set. Since the elementalist class does not live in the best way, I decided to help it survive with the help of vitality devotion. The damage conversion was able to collect 50% thanks to the belt, but it was enough. Wendigo, bat, scales of ultima, made this build quite resilient and comfortable to play. Of course, I had to give up Spear of the Heavens, but the result was worth it.

GT https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZP8RlgZ


150-170 5m 12s

85 SR


Clones Of Bourbon

Mad Queen




Nice feature of lightning cocktail, dont think I have seen it before :slight_smile:

Perhaps skyshard powder in rings for more OA since you already have plenty of DA? (and OA removal on BWC) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V00nvEV

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good idea. But I think it’s better to put Syr’s Wisdom everywhere to raise the resistances and OA even more, since both in SR and in the crucible, all resistances are greatly lowered)

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