[] [fun BD] Corruptor Set | High base damage | Vitality skeleton Pet Cabalist

hidden vitality buff 400%
all kind base damage total 180 converted to vitality for skeletons & Familiar



Is it just theory craft or do you actually have char?

never craft, just cloud, I play corruptor set ritualist before, damage fine, but surrival really problems.

No idea what this means.

no use GD STASH, cloud build

cloud build, what is that?

I only asked if you have this char, or if it is just a grim tools theorycraft.

Reason why I ask is because all that is presented is a grim tool link and some screen shots from grim tools.

cloud build means GT link build. not test yet

So it IS a theory craft then?

Duskdeep86 is not a native English speaker, so phrases like craft and cloud come across differently.

He has multiple cloud builds posted on the forum; they are fun builds that haven’t been tested yet but posted it so other people could have fun with it.

To answer the question, yes, it’s just a GT theorycraft. No, he hasn’t played it itself.


It’s very cool. Generally, the building of a skeleton can’t do without the lost soul or the guardian of the gate of death. There are a lot of summoning equipment in the game, but most of them are unpopular like corruptor of souls , and almost no one will choose them as the main force,me too. I hope these forgotten children can be strengthened in the future.