[ ] Physical bolt Sentinel, SR 79, SR 75-76 farmer


Hello, I always wanted to use Inashkor’s head because it is an interesting off hand that converts doombolt to physical. I was really surprised by the results because I thought it was suppose to be a meme.
Build : www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvDwbpN
High damage ( 769555 highest damage ).
Decent phys res 46% ( it shows 44% on GT for some reason ).
Decent armor around 2.3k.
Doom bolt is so satisfying to use especially when you see your enemies getting oneshotted ( looking at you Zaria ).
Very strong boss killer.
high RR 102% and 20 flat from scale.

AOE is somewhat weak even with vire’s might as a secondary damage ability.
The playstyle might not fit some people because you have to you vire’s might to kite.
The off hand might take a while to get since it has a low chance to drop.
Pianoish style.

Some tips

Craft for stun resistance on helmet and get the logg shoulder with stun resistance.
you can level with vitality Sigil of consumption or vire’s might.

Lokkar kill

Bourbon clones kill

SR 79

Skill look


The build is really fun to play especially if you like to kite and skate around with vire’s might. It would be nice if Inashkor’s head gives weapon damage to doom bolt considering it is a very rare MI. I hope that you all enjoy the build see you later :slight_smile:


I see a build that converts damage into physical, I hit like

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Dope build, good pro/con breakdown. Wep dmg would be nice for sure, but the only fit here would be gloves slot, however riftwarped grasp look like a better fit than harbinger gloves for this build.

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Thank you. I used riftwarped grasp mainly for cdr to spam DB as fast as possible .

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Nice build.

For less high-end gear and a mid-range, but still seeing the same play you could go grimtools: less high-end equipment but same concept.

Some of those items like Kaisan amulet, Ring of Sethris, specific Harvoul Medal, and specific Log shoulder also might be frustrating to drop.

^I thought I’d mention a “light” build because your concept is nice and looks like it could run well with lesser stuff.


So true this is not a beginner friendly build you have to have a lot of hours in the game in order to get all these items. Thank you for showing a more budget build. I was thinking about making a budget version but you beat me to it :smile: