Physical panettis ? is it possible


spent some time on grimtools to figure out a way to make it work but i thing the survivability just sucks and im not shure for the damage since its hard to overcap panettis with physical items.
any sugestions sry for bad englisch

I am thinking gladiator belt to convert bat

and don’t overcap clarity of purpose imo

and you have flat RR in that build? Tip of scales can be good, also for energy and sustain

thought about that to but then you lose 4 points in panettis that are hard do gett but something that i need to test

now switchet chariot to scale and glatiator pelt


I think you may need to go Light of Empyrion over Elemental Seekers for survivability. You could also take Ascended Vestment chest for +3 to Panetti; if you need physical resist just look for formidable prefix.

Have you considered capping Guardians of Empyrion over Devastation? If you manage to get redeemer’s prefix on amulet (or oathkeeper’s on both ring and amulet), you could even get a third one. That way you could clear up 10 skill points from Arcanist mastery bar and overcap Maiven, Divine Mandate, etc.


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Can use ground smash from boots for DR though

Oh right! But then you don’t get the divine Light of Empyrion to banish the darkness and sear your foes, so you have to take that into account.

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Praise Empyrion!

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Copied from my skill compilation. Physical Panetti’s is possible, at least with Battlemage. Looks like it uses the Empiryon’s devotion route as well.


Decree of Five + Mythical Inashkor both with seal of might is enough to fully convert Panetti damage to physical. Add Spellgaze helm for adcth added to panetti.

Sry for the late respons had a stressing weekend the chest is a nice adition now switched out gladiators for more damage if it does not survive then i need to take it back in and with empyrion devotion i lose a lot of offensive ability and we have some fine crit damage
so here is my current gt link

What a cool build! I recently made Vitality and started an Acid one.
It’s very enjoyable to make these memes in Grim Tools.
I’d love to have Physical / Acid (Yellow / Green) Panetti FX available :frowning:

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Grim Dawn end-game is

  1. make meme builds that no one else will ever play or make
  2. participate in forum drama