[] Reworked and Improved 2H Elemental Apostate - 6:14 Crucible, SR80, Mogdrogen, Ravager

With the rework of the Fleshwarped Shard in, I thought I’d redo my 2H Elemental Apostate which had much room for improvement. Basically, it’s a 2H elemental bone harvest/default attacker hybrid build that relies on inquisitor seal, mark of torment and dumb luck to stay alive.

With permanent buffs, seal and soul harvest

Damage breakdown of Beronath’s Fury with all buffs and deadly aim

Current setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy054mV

(Kinda) Ideal Greens version - untested: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKwLBxN

Ravager setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwa4gz2 (requires Ghoul devotion)

Build performance (videos)

Ravager fight required the whole pharma and a stupid amount of aether crystals but hey, it worked. For Mogdrogen, I just moved points from Deadly Aim into Ill Omen and Mark of Torment and take 3 Forgefire in Jewlery for DA. Forget Calla and Crate here. Progress beyond shard 80 of the shattered realm is hazardous at best, suicidal at worst.

With optimal gear and a competent pilot, I’m confident Crucible timer can be brought below 6:00.

Conversion math
The Fleshwarped Shard grants 100% aether to elemental conversion as long as WoR is active. It also converts all the damage from Ill Omen to cold. With Incanter’s or Enchanter’s prefix and Shard of Beronath, it can also grant around 45% physical to elemental conversion (this only matters for Steel Resolve). It also has a random roll with average of 50% vitality to elemental conversion. However, Bonemonger’s helm and shoulders apply an average of 55% vitality to aether conversion, meaning vitality damage gets converted about evenly between aether and elemental. Bonemonger’s also converts the damage from inquisitor seal to aether and since we’re using Sear Souls transmuter, Siphon souls also mainly deals aether damage. Pierce damage remains unconverted.

Aura of Censure, Inquisitor Seal, Spectral Binding, Bone Harvest and Soul Harvest and the whole WoR line get hard capped. Soft cap Deadly Aim, Spectral Wrath and Ill Omen. Mark of Torment is generally enough at 6/10, Siphon Souls is a 1 point wonder. Reaping Strike and Necrotic Edge get pushed to have 25% proc chance.


  • Fleshwarped Shard with Shard of Beronath, ideally with elemental damage and attack speed affixes. Use Potent Sparkbloom Powder for OA if you don’t need the pierce resistance from Potent Malmouth’s Soul. Reset the vendor in Steelcap District for 10 hours to get a decent roll.

  • Bonemonger’s set is essential to the build since it provides -30% elemental resistance reduction and other useful stats.

  • Mark of the Shadow Queen is BiS medal. Use Rune of the Dark Progenitor for OA/DA shred. I use Dread Skull to cap movement speed and get a bit more attack speed.

  • Mythical Scales of Beronath is needed to reach 22/12 Inquisitor Seal.

  • Lifegiver Signet provides much needed lifesteal and a good chunk of defensive stats as well as +2 to soul harvest.

  • Magelord Greaves are the best boots here imo, although Final March also work. Wyrmscale Footguards are another option, but you’ll need slow resist elsewhere.

  • Ignaffar’s Combustion is the best medal for damage due to -10% ele resistance debuff. A more defensive option is Serenity (duh).

  • Use a combination of Forgefire or Skyshard Powder on jewelry depending if you need OA or DA.

  • Pants, gloves and remaining ring slot are flexible and used to cap resistances. Ideally you want physical resistance on both pants and gloves and attack speed on gloves. Reaper’s Legguards were my pick due to +3 Soul Harvest. Anasteria’s Legguards are good too with +3 to both Mark of Torment and Arcane Empowerment, but the vitality resistance they provide is not needed. Krieg’s Grip is also a viable option.

Kraken, Viper, Crown and Attack Seru are staple, but there’s a lot of options for the rest. I tested setups with Ghoul, Phoenix, Dryad and even Wendigo and Hyrian. In the end, I found the OA from Chariot and the damage from Blind Sage too useful to skip so I decided screw it, it’s gonna be a glass cannon build.

A fun and high damage build, although a bit fragile due to lack of armor and circuit breakers.


I did not expect this build to be outdated so quickly. Apparently Fleshwarped Shard got a significant rework in the new patch:

Looks like an IMMENSE buff, however devotion path should be changed to include either crown or revenant. Ugdenbog Waistguard should now probably be replaced with cord of deception and word of pain should be dropped completely and be replaced by ill omen. Will get on it eventually, however I just rerolled my apostate into another build so we’ll see!


Yeah, play elemental BH :rofl: I realized the weapon yesterday and talkin about making a 2H melee Elemental Apostate…

Complete rework, included my best crucible run ever :smiley: and Celestial kills videos.

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wouldnt it be better to ditch the siphon soul transmuter so you convert the damage to elemental instead? Or you just want the extra duration?

Extra duration. Would be half elemental, half aether anyway. Laughable damage regardless.

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