[] - S A N G U I N E - Tanky AOE Blood Mage - Tactician - Cr 170

Meet SANGUINE, the AOE blood mage. This is a concept build that turned out to be very fun and a lot tankier than I expected. :smiley:

:: Grim Tools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWwzJLV

Word of Pain, War Cry and Horn of Gandarr all deliver AOE bleed damage to the masses, and Forcewave seemed like a great way to get extra bleed dots on crowds as a default attack. It was a shame not to use Goredrinker’s Cadence bonuses. I could put a single point into cadence to get some extra bleed tick, but I felt it would make the build a bit less fluid in it’s playstyle.

The build is not going to replace serious bleed damage builds when it comes to single target damage, but the fun of this build is in the wide AOEs. Three quick skill casts and everything in the area is taking ~200k damage per second which is just delightful. :smiley:

The highest DoT tick I’ve seen so far on this build is around 375k, it can probably stretch a little higher.

If teamed up with a Conjurer, these values could double making it potentially fantastic in a team.

This build is quite tanky, using Menhir’s Bulwark, Menhir’s Will, Inquisitor Seals, Horn of Gandar’s reduction to enemy damage, and 51% lifesteal (which works just beautifully in crowds with Forcewave and Horn of Gandarr’s AOE weapon damage).

This build has not been minmaxed, and it could use some tweaks for boosting OA, but the concept of the build is fun and I wanted to share it.

Enjoy! :smiley:


hammer+crossroads -> empty throne for better overcaps and cc res?
also, with cast speed being so low, would it perhaps be an idea to utilize untransmuted forcewave? :thinking:

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Good call on hammer+crossroads > Empty Throne! Much nicer. :slight_smile:

I think having using Tremor still allows for rapidly applying dots in multiple directions with the build, even if I’d achieve more damage on the fewer effected without it. As the build is intended to spread the good word of Bleed Dot to as many enemies as possible and quickly, I think it still makes sense to keep Tremor.

Without Tremor I’d be tempted to reintroduce Cadence as a filler, making more use of the goredrinker set as well. But, the build would no longer feel like a caster, I think. :o

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ye that was my thought too, as you actually have a nice 22/22 fighting form possible
but i get what you mean about not being magus bleedus then :smile:

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