[] Skelemancer Cabalist -> Crucible 5:08/ SR 100/ Ravager + Mogdrogen + Crate/ 75-76 farmer



some skill point may need change.
DA is low, but SC , ehhhhhh :smile: theurgist can change to stalwart affix


how long is very long?

Tfw Skeletons of all things got me to update the game…

I am actually Curious as well now…

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Resident retal pet guy strikes again!


i’m curious about this tho, since Lost souls give +3 skeles like GDG, but also +1hellhound, so all you lose on helmet+medal is CDR - which it doesn’t seem like they need “as much” given how long they survive “as is”
so i’m curious if the offhand slot, ex hellhound MI, or another, can make the lost souls “competitive” dmg/survival wise - assuming the lack of CDR doesn’t demolish the build :thinking: (and the +pet stat & phys res on those 4 items aren’t detrimental too ofc)

yay :blush: :hugs:

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Skelemancer is possibly the best name I’ve seen in a while. 10/10 ez. Making this later for sure.


Im tried to kick Calla ass, need 20m
Calla 131% Vitality res, skill spectral wrath always not trigger. so without spectral wrath I only have 58% vitality reduce :smile:

Survival devotion Ravager only 4:30


I’m not fluent on pet builds but it looks to me now like Lost Souls main appeal is either going to be double Hound (based on thepowerofmediocrity’s comments that it’s looking better nowadays) or using it as a bomb nuke with Fleshwarped Archive (which technically doesn’t require the full set).

From what I’ve seen, the main use for the set on Skeletons used to be the added tankiness it gave them with the +60% health/+20% physical resistance but it looks like that isn’t necessary any more/rapid resummoning is preferred for SR. Perhaps Lost Souls will still remain useful on Crucible-specific Skeleton builds where you can’t afford any pet deaths at all costs if enough damage output can be maintained.

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Btw, anyone else feel as if Skeletons have lower Leash range compared to other pets?

One on hand I like it since it makes them easier to control and move out of AoEs and such without having to manually do it with Pet Attack command, but on the other hand, they end up just standing there doing nothing unless you move closer to the enemy or use pet attack.

Skelemancer was common name for summon necro builds in diablo 2 :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing ARPGs for 20some years bro. I’m aware. It’s still a great name


As dedicated HC player it can be sometimes hard to look at speedrunning SC builds, isn’t it? :rofl:
I did not go for MoT mostly because of additional button to press, also survivality was not a trouble but it’s probably necessary on HC? Thanks for correcting skill points, only I think CoF can be only 1 point, range of cast for pet builds imo is not so important because it can be spammed little bit more than on player oriented builds.

@Ulvar1 long fight it can be something like Dusk tryied:

Wouldn’t be my Rattosh devotion be usefull on HC too? Some defensive stats like DA can be taken in green items and faster superbosses or deep sr nemesises due to RR = less time to do a mistake and die.

I remember in D2 skelemancer was probably easiest build to pass all three difficulties in single player without even farming, just proper skillpoints (and A2 merc) and you could go through everything.

About Lost Souls, that’s my prototype currently: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXwld9Z I think double Marrow Band can be a key, skeletons need to fully convert their physical damage into vitality. Hellhounds seems better to just hold aggro on single bosses and be bombed into trash/heroes packs for AoE, even in Crucible their buffs do not matter, they do not need to stay alive all the waves, focus on tanky skeletons instead. On deep SR maybe max Ember Claw/find a way to get it into 17 points (some taunt breakpoint?)/use Beastcaller medal for additional threat.

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Same here :slight_smile: got hooked when first diablo game came :slight_smile:

I will make it and likely run and post a 1-170 HC CR here after :wink:

Curious, are Marrow Bands really BiS here? You already convert all pet Physical->Vitality on Master of Death + your gloves. Raise Skeletons is also overcapped by 4 points if you were to swap the rings out and find the points elsewhere. Vitality pet resistance is also overcapped. Would something else like Spiritbinder Glyph or Wendigo Conjuring Seal be better for OA/crit damage or are the proc pets on Marrow Bands a big enough damage increase and consistent to be worth it?

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I forgot about Master of Death conversion :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Spiritbinders Glyph can be better then (maybe), I am going to test everything on the evening.


i’m very curious if someone somehow now manages a “fast” Calla kill with skeletons :sweat_smile:

gonna be interesting to see your Lost Souls findings too Alkamos :+1:

Probably a max CDR Skeleton Ritualist with a lot of Flat Bleed and maybe Primal Instinct on top.

Quick rehash of OP’s build as a potential example: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWw9qrV
Obviously would need to tweak stuff, but I will leave that to someone else.


I’m a man of my word. Absolutely fine on HC with no MoT. Great build AlkamosHater!

[] AlkamosHater’s Skelemancer Pet Cabalist HARDCORE Full 1-170 GLADIATOR Crucible Run

Had to break my rules about SSF in HC (but this char was originally that using Nery’s BB/RE Caba)
@Ulvar1 I’ll call it SSS (Solo Self Stashed) :wink: