[] Skelemancer Cabalist -> Crucible 5:08/ SR 100/ Ravager + Mogdrogen + Crate/ 75-76 farmer

Hello, another pets build from me. I wanted to make skeletons somehow work and I had good results both in damage and consistency, all content can be cleared and farming is very comfortable. The only problem is Callagadra due to skeletons fragile nature, fight is very long so I do not label it as “Cally viable”.
I experimented with Chaos version too but damage vs superbosses was horrible, it’s basically impossible to take RR outside of one devotion.

I see this concept (HC version) was already posted by our pet master @Duskdeep86, you can check his version there: [ -] Lost souls Set | Death's Gate Skeleton Update | Vit | Pet Cabalist


Offensive devotions for pets are Rattosh and Mogdrogen, we need this RR for comfortable boss fights. Our character can survive very good with Behemoth + Dryad. I do not use flat RR anywhere because it’s on the weapon and we can apply it both with BH and spirits.

On our 2 rares it’s important to have resistances, build has troubles with it. +2 raise of skeletons bonus can be covered without problem, explained in section below.

Helmet - we need it for CDR and survivality. I tested Ascendant Cowl but it’s worse, lower survivality and it can screw Crucible runs - if we want to review like 2-3 skeletons in last wave we review 7 of them, so half of our minions lose buffs. Aim for resistances and pets stats.

Rings - just for damage. If we do not have any mods on rares for skeletons go for 1-2x Mythical Marrow Band (+2 raise skeletons) or even Wendigo Conjuring Seal (Barrowholm faction).

Medal - for more summons, go for pet stats and resistances, like in case of helmet.

Weapon - CDR and survivality for our skeletons, next thing is vitality->physical conversion.

Amulet - again -> CDR, also temporary damage boost is usefull.

Rest of our armory - resistances and skillpoints, nothing to explain. However for player survivality Mythical Footpads of Grey Magi can be better.

Relic - I take Mogdrogen mostly because of defenses for our minions, it’s very important. Dirge of Arkovia is very good choice too but survivality of pets goes down.

Crucible 5:08, can be faster probably with some fishing and little bit slower average.

SR 100 with Kaisan - this build is not the best for sr pushing, correct pulling 1vs1 is necessary. You can’t pull Fabius, Kaisan or Sentinel first, whole map can be needed to kite and survive. For Benjahr changed boots for Grey Magi.

Crate boss in ~40 seconds

Ravager 3:40

Mogdrogen 2:22

Average 75-76 run under 10 minutes



wait wait wait wait
how are your skeletons not crumbling in “seconds”? like they are staying alive for an absurd amount of time on SR 100/vs celestials @_@
and looking at sheet they have low DA and “regular” resists :thinking:
can someone (@Maya?) explain to me how you/dusk made skeletons that viable/surviving, while still managing to maintain the (crazy) dmg? - i can’t find the “trigger” looking at grimtools

love the build tho Alkamos :+1:, also even if i’m highly confused by its success lol :sweat_smile: - really love seeing skeletons succeed so offensively (somehow :dizzy_face:)

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Ingame resistances are higher from buffs (GT do not show it), pierce are problems, in deep SR gloves swap can be necessary vs Fabius. I tryied to overcap everything and skeletons got a lot of physical resistances and armor. Next thing is going for max CDR modifiers for them, I can resummon everything very fast.

I needed Ratosh for it and a lot of RR + crit damage with offensive ability. 14 skeletons hitting at once has really good damage and nice AoE.

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ye the damage i totally get, like the sheet/stats look very/super nice for skele output, specially with 14 of them,

it’s just “weird” to me because i tried a semi"tanky" skeleton approach, focusing on their resists armor and DA and specially phys resists, and they still died fast to stuff even on SR 65 (like “usual”) and specially ravager ofc
-so i’m just amazed these are doing so well both against celestials, but also SR100 while being alive for so long duration/“not dying in seconds” when on appearance it seems like they “should” like “regular” skeleton approaches :thinking: - like they stay alive so long it almost seems like CDR focus isn’t necessary :rofl:

very impressive, and really awesome setup doing this with “squishy” skeletons i think :blush::+1:

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Really great results and nice plot twist with Rattosh devotion!

Make them skeletons dance!

Children Collide - Skeleton Dance - YouTube


Nice! This puts the skeleton gimp myth to rest. Many non-pet builds can also take forever with Cally - so imho this is not as build-limiting as many peeps think. Kudos for testing it thoroughly.

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Step 1 seems to be: Don’t use Lost Souls Set…


Pet builds are ded

14 skeletons, reminds of the golden diablo 2 era - where the concept lagomancer was thing :wink:

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dusk’s HC variant uses Lost souls tho :thinking:
and that did high sr too (don’t think mentioned celestials tho)
i just find it so puzzling tho they are so “stronk”/sturdy here @_@

Necros: “what is dead may never die” :smiling_imp: :ghost:

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That is not in And they have been sturdy enough to do almost everything except Cally. Eg: Skulls & Bones - Pet Cabalist

They only fall (or “fell”) short when compared to other pet builds

Compared to previous patch, yes. Nothing has changed item wise except nerfs to sets. Most of the builds will perform even better in

Maybe not this one since base skeletons got buffed and this doesn’t use Lost Souls…


Perform better you mean broken? Yes agree.

Yes, just like 99% of non pet builds out there.


Yeah all my builds are broken :smiley:

Hello.Can the Death’s gate be used with the corruptor? They also have no conflict and damage unity.

Sorry but I do not understand?

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Sorry, I didn’t express it clearly. Please look at this. Maybe the result is bad, but their compatibility is very high。

I’ll have to see how it handles SR later, but at least Crucible wise, 06:30 isn’t a bad time at all, especially for Lost Souls Cabalist. Having no CDR is a real bummer, but the buffed Hellhounds really help the Skeletons handle situations a lot better than they used to.

It’s clear Lost Souls won’t be as good as Guardian of Death’s Gate, but Hellhound’s buffed enough so that Lost Souls is not nearly as much of a meme as it used to be.


Can work for sure but I think no-set version will work better due to all these bonuses and helmet.

I did single test with Lost Souls in Crucible, died at 4:40 mark in 170 because I did not use any auguments so had undercapped resistances, wanted to check damage only :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I don’t know how this set is going to work outside crucible but for speedrunning it’s good.


Thank you for your reply.

I ran SR 80-83 to see how it holds up - running all the way to SR85 is too much of a slog for me to do in one sitting, but I would give it - my build at least - a ceiling of SR85. It has very good DPS when you can focus your fire on one target, but against someone like Gravathul with the infinite fumble pools, Skeletons tend to drop easily. Thankfully, not easily enough that you can’t replace them, but it’s still something I’d caution against. Still, being able to beat the likes of Shattered Gargobol and Shattered Sentinel is not an easy feat, and for the Skeletons to do as well as they did, earns a kudos in my book.

I’m extremely surprised - to say the least - that I did this without Giants Blood or any restoration outside of BoD and Health potions. Hellhounds are very good at keeping threat - all I did was refresh DEE for Shepherd’s and the occasional CoF to make sure the RR applies for the full 9-10 seconds. It’s practically @Maya levels of laziness in that all I had to do was press 2 buttons and I win; I’m much more used to piano pet builds with 7-8 different skills on rotation, lol.