Question about pet Cabalist builds?

Why do I see so many pet Cabalists using Voidwhisperer rings? I mean the rings convert vitality to chaos and yet all of them use Lost Souls set that gives Vitality bonuses. So why would you convert to chaos and lose the vitality bonus from the set?

Because chaos damage is less resisted by monsters. Vitality is one of the most, if not the most, resisted damage type.

so its worth loosing the vitality bonus from lost souls set ?

I don’t even know where you are looking, but here are 4 updated pet cabalists

none uses void-whisper rings

Maybe you could specify and tell us what builds you are looking at?

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Its not a build I was looking at specificly. I just saw a lot of people online having pet Cabalist and they have almost the same setup as these links with lost souls set. Only big diference is they use the voidwhisperer rings that effectivly convert 100% vitality to chaos damage. For me this doesnt make sense. If you use lost souls its best to go full vitality damage. So I just wanted to ask here is there something I dont know about these rings or what ?

I didnt look at builds online but a quick search and I found this:

From this guide:

Also use voidwhisperer rings. Is there any good reason for this or is it just outdated?

  1. old build

  2. requnix (LOL) that he probably stole from somewhere :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. I thought so too :slight_smile:



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Who make this build?


Btw “online” you mean like when you enter MP games you look at ppls gear?

Then why does he post builds ?

Because he think he is good? I had a look at his battlemage he posted like 1 week ago “one of the strongest builds out there” I laughed for 20 min…

Sadly I cant laugh at that because until recently I also thought it was a top class build. But at least I dont post videos online lol. I know my place xD still noob

He is the king of noobs, just deceiving and fooling people. Sad.

This forum is the best source for builds and information

Same with armored otter on YT, just pure hype propaganda bull-shit (though the otter is a waaay better player and builder than requnix)

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This I agree. I did learn more here in 1 month then in the last 2 years that I played the game alone :slight_smile:

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Btw “online” you mean like when you enter MP games you look at ppls gear?> Blockquote

Yes I enter game and check other peoples build. Sorry Ive seen your message just now

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There are tons of both bad and cheated builds online in those games

I know but these ones are not cheated. Stats look normal. But I saw many use these rings…so wanted to ask here wtf is that all about :smiley:

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Next time you see it, ask the persons. I bet they reply “requnix” :wink: