[] [HC] [Vid] Lost Souls Set | Vitality Skeleton Pet | Cabalist | SR 95 - 99

I already fight in level 100 - 2 , my father thought I was sleeping with the power off :rofl:
anyway he may save my build.

v1190 GT https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m239nw1Z
Note: all setup equipment affix base on game true affix.

SR 95 - 99 / Callagadra / Ravager




Looks like everyone is working on Lost Souls builds now :smile: Maya posted lazy version, you posted HC, my full damage for SC (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JAmpjN) is coming tomorrow probably, still need tests on Celestials.

Btw what do you think about maxing Ember Claw for deep SR? After 17 points won’t it taunt very good?

not much help, if u only play 1 level u have chance, 6 level noway.
ur survival may need 1 hour to kill calla

For Callagadra I took Everliving gloves and Marrow Band (conversion), it took 12:40 around:

Without these gloves maybe little slower but not 1 hour :rofl:
On HC my build would be risky ofcourse but on SC and for 75-76 farming 2.8k DA is enough.

unbelievable u can kill in 12m, good work. I can’t watch YouTube

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I took only screenshot with media player where time is showed, probably won’t upload to youtube because video is too long, people won’t watch it :rofl: Also it was running around whole area to avoid tornadoes, maybe with some DA auguments would be more comfortable. Easiest celestial is Crate, only 23 seconds.

1x shard only pass I did 110 but it was very long room and hard cheese on bosses with aether clusters. Playing 6 shards in row I think it would be ~95-100 with deaths but everytime I played full push it was crash, crash, crash :japanese_goblin: Now I do only 1x high shard for fun and some survival potential for test.

LoL it’s suddenly became ‘‘SkeleDawn’’ here. I would say good work but I really don’t know jack about pets so :stuck_out_tongue:

U mean u going to avoid tornadoes area to kill calla?

No, I run only around map but a lot of, can’t stay in one place too long, pets can survive but not me. I run like that:

U meant this glitch where Callagadra do not use tornadoes? Wasn’t it repaired?

Im curious by ur gear how can kill in 12m, can u compress video and send me to by email or someothers?

Sure, I will try to send it on priv message.

Uploading Zip file is very long but should be done in 5-10 minutes

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Skele is the worst Pet than others :smile: of course, visual effects is best. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


v1190 Offensive Devotion update: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkGmQBN
Callagadra 10min video update (Equipment value low, if higher 9.30m)
Ravager of Minds
Crate of Entertainment