[] Lost Souls Cabalist -> Crucible 4:39/ SR 110/ Crate 23 seconds + Ravager 2:59 + Mogdrogen 2:25 + Callagadra 12:50/ 75-76 farmer


Hello, because skeletons became more popular last time I want to show my Lost Souls set results. Well, it’s third Cabalist in few days utilizing this build but every got another philosophy behind design.
Check another builds:
Maya’s lazy setup Skulls & Bones - Pet Cabalist
Duskdeep’s survival setup for HC [] [HC] [Vid] Lost souls Set | Vitality skeleton Pet Cabalist | SR 95 - 99


Build is made for maximum damage with defenses enough to just survive - I do not recommend it on HC, piloting must be carefuly because Taunt is poor. Gameplay however is pretty straightforward, keep your pets alive, cast debuffs, for additional damage Hellhounds can be resummoned at monsters faces, they do nice amount of damage at death and can be spammed due to CDR modifiers - but watch out for mana. Itemization choices below.

Helmet, Weapon, Shoulders, Amulet - Lost Souls set, core of the build, nothing to explain.

Offhand - it’s mostly for -8 seconds recharge duration. Our Dogs do more damage on death than just attacking.

Rings - BiS offensive choice for vitality pets from my tests but there is very good alternative - Mythical Marrow Band. You can use two of them or one Spiritbinder + Marrow. However in case of Epic rings belt should be changed into rare Occultist belt for elemental->vitality conversion.

Belt - skills, resistances for minions and damage. Take Lunal’Valgoth’s Girdle if you use Marrow Bands.

Gloves - conversions and damage. Touch of the Everliving Grove is another alternative.

Medal - additional skeleton is good, hunt for resistances and pets stats.

Boots - I take it mostly because of 5% defensive ability but elemental resistances for pets are good too.

Pants - resistances for us and pets, offensive ability with high crit damage is big damage boost too.

Relic - Mogdrogen’s Ardor is best because of Aether/Chaos resistances and +1 skills, these two res must be overcaped if possible to make skeletons survive. Very good alternative is Dirge of Arkovia.

Crucible 4:39

SR 110, very hard fight. It’s not the best SR climber but 75-76 is not a problem - just to not charge into packs of monsters and try to take 1-2 bosses in 4th chunk.

Crate killed in ~23 seconds

Ravager 2:59

Mogdrogen 2:25

Callagadra screenshot, fight was very long, around 12:50. I do not upload video because I doubt anyone want to watch running around and resummoning pets so long.



time to make skeleton build do Calla sub 9min and have Zantai pull out his hair :laughing:
very nice Lost Soul version Alkamos :+1:

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Maybe it’s somehow possible with no-set Ritualist bleeding/vitality hybrid or something? I could try it in future :smile:

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You confused relic with medal again :smiley:

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Probably I will never learn it :japanese_goblin: Corrected

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but I did the thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Try to farm sr 75-76 for like 3 months everyday like some people do :stuck_out_tongue:

that ain’t the life for me lmao

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That’s what I mean, death happened to me in 75 once (felt too immortal and rushed into pack of mobs and nemesis with movement rune :rofl:) what usually does not happen with my builds so I am pretty sure death sooner or later will come on HC. Better play it on SC if someone fully legit farm for it.

Just have to be careful :stuck_out_tongue: ezzzzz

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Hey 1 question which one performs better in sr this one or 2h weapon version.iam currently playin your 2h version so i dont want to try this one if its not better in sr,great skeli build anyways.

Hello, this build is little bit stronger in terms of damage so you can kill things faster before they kill you :smile:

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