>< The Chaotician. Chaos Blade Arc Tactician SR 85(ish)

Hi everyone, after the ‘‘Goredrinker’’ Tactician variants, I wanted to change my character and thought about what can I do without yielding into doing range/caster or deleting the character. And here it is! A non-Witchblade 2H Chaos Blade Arc. And, it’s not that meme either :slight_smile:

Images within the game with perma buffs + WoR + Abominable Might + Hungering Void proc

PS: Helmet crafted with stun resist.


Explanation :

  • 3 Piece Rah’zin is must to get set bonus. I first tried with belt and Avatar of Chaos amulet but resistances becomes a mess that way, atleast with soldier belt and rah’zin amulet you gain +2 Soldier Skills.

  • Rings, Relic and Medal are for RR obviously and Grava Leggings is to hardcap Death Sentence. You need Demonic prefix for stun resist.(Or any other affix with stun will do but Demonic provides %Chaos damage.)

  • Grasp of Unchained Might is better than any other chaos gloves even though it converts half of the pierce(that you’re converting into chaos) into physical but the %20 Weapon Damage and extra physical flat(that will be converted into chaos on BA modifier) is not just compensates the loss and increase your damage. Timewarped Walkers is also for good stats and slow resist.

  • Wrath of Tenebris is the core of the build, has good AS and stats along with WoR modifier.

PS: You can use Symbol of Solael component on weapon instead of riftsone. I really feel uncomfortable of using skills without CD(Besides from AA skills) especially if they are more than one so I choosed to use Riftstone, it increase the dps like %5 at tops so with Symbol of Solael you should gain some damage by using it.

You really can’t do much change in devotions since you have to get 2 T3 constellation. I tried a few variation but this one seems to be the best.

SR 75-76 image

Can’t say it’s the easiest 75-76 farmer but you can do it without losing timer. Can’t promise you won’t die with bad mutators though.

SR 85 image

Note that if this character haven’t done that shard before, it will be very hard to push to 85 from starting 80. I did 2 runs and I died a lot in the first run with bad mutators. In second(this image) I died only once to Fabius. Build really can’t do much more it is somehow squishy(even though the defensive stats looks okay, it takes too much damage when you’re not on seal), I haven’t encounter Reaper but probably you can’t kill it at this level with bad mutators so I wrote -ish to the title. You may need mana potion time to time or use elixir of the void which helps a little plus increase your damage.

Thanks for reading this half meme build, any comment is welcome :slight_smile:


I really like the build and how you optimized it.

Abomination + Hungering Void builds have crazy %Chaos anyway.

@Nery Look at the weapon illusion!

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Good build, I have tried it few times in recent patches but haven’t really test it. You’ve done great job optimizing it!

Yeah, I like it. This should be Mythical’s Death Reach.

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Thanks, I also tried DW Chaos Cadence Tactician with Servitor Corrupter+Naren Kur but it was too squishy and using Touch of Chaos for Debuff while spamming Cadence is definitely not QoL and with SR set damage/sustain is bad so atleast this is a proper build :smiley:

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A tactician that is not meme is pretty rare sight indeed! Well done!

Just to get it right, you just need stun res on pants, so any stun res affix is fine - right? It just so happens that Demonic also give +% chaos dmg. I got this correct?

And the pierce to physical conversion does not inflict the pierce to chaos. Because you have only pierce to chaos dmg converison on the chest

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Yes, Cleric prefix also do the job, or any other stun resist one is okay but Demonic also gives chaos damage.

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Ah nice, I overlooked that part of the weapon :slight_smile: Never seen this used on an inq build before actually! (now I am thinking about chaos EoR paladin… hmm…)

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Yes that’s the reason behind this modifier I suppose, to support Paladins not Tacticians, especially not for Chaos Horn of Gandarr! :rofl:

I give up LOL https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4grvBZ

Zantai: Creates Chaos EoR Conduit Variant.
Players: Who needs it while gear supported %100 conversion is possible and there is already %15 Chaos RR variant.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVA7yx7N fixed the resistances but AS is too low.

I did chaos eor pally, even with vastly superior rr Sentinel is a bit faster.
edit heres the beauty https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gQXnOZ
pushing around 5:35 on good mutators on crucible… 5:45 average.
The newest Sent version is closer to 5-5:15 with no rr outside doom bolt, procs, and solael blade.

Also on topic, nice build :wink: @fordprefect
PS: you actually convert 66.6% of pierce to chaos and 33.3% pierce to physical. The percent totals are weighted against each other since they occur at the same level.


Very nice build, dude. I love me some BA, so I’ll def test this one out!

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RR is the meaning of life