[] The Immortal [Pets] Army! Hybrid Pets + Vitality Caster Cabalist [SR 75 complete, Video]

The number of people who want to play hybrid pet + caster builds are probably fairly low, but if you’re like me, you want to have the fun of playing pets without having to run like a headless chicken every time you get approached by a big meanie. Yes, this is a second Reap Spirit caster hybrid, but the only chance you’ll be able to beat high-level content as a hybrid pet build is through Reap Spirit. You summon 3 of them, they are invincible, and they do amazing damage.

Alongside Reap Spirit, there are two other pets who are immune to direct hits: the Bound Spirit from the Bonescavenger Gloves and the Gate to Many Worlds Pet. As with other Reap Spirit builds, as you don’t have to worry about pet defenses, you can stack as many pet offensive stats as possible. What’s different about this build is that we stack up as much Vitality damage as we can and fight alongside our pets.

Immortal Pets Cabalist GRIMTOOLS
Yes, you’re seeing that right. That is 12/12 Doom Bolt on a pet build. Something that hasn’t been done viably since the Avatar of Dreeg’s Base Game Warlock, from what my memory shows.

Equipment Explanation

The two build-defining items for this build are the Claw of Hagarraz and the Beastcaller’s Cowl; Claw of Hagarraz gives the player an additional 300% Vitality damage boost to Call of the Grave, in addition to the buff to the skill that grants the player 260% Vitality damage by overcapping it. Additionally, the Death-Watcher Pendant extends the length of Call of the Grave so that a simple Time Dilation makes the Call of the Grave buff uptime 100% of the time. The Beastcaller’s Cowl was nerfed in, but a 200% total boost for you and your pets is still the best item for this type of build, and the shoulder piece grants 6% DA as a set bonus, which is really nice.

The equipment in the Grimtools provides 100% Physical and Elemental Damage to Vitality, making Gate to Many Worlds 100% Vitality damage, matching well with Bound Spirits and Reap Spirit. The Bonescavenger gloves buff was the best change, as it’s difficult enough stealing kills from Reap Spirit with this build, much less a build that doesn’t use hybrid damage. The skill points bonus from Gate to Many Worlds is perfect - getting Call of the Grave to 20/10 as well as getting Blood of Dreeg to near hardcap as well.

Gameplay: Early on, I had a huge issue with Energy regeneration, so I altered my devotion route to get Harp: the flat OA boost for you and your pets is wonderful, and it completely removes the need for pots as long as you can withstand a few hits to activate it. Gameplay revolves around cycling your two pet buffs to keep your Vitality damage as high as possible, and keep dropping Ravenous Earth for damage reduction and sustain through Wendigo’s Mark.

The build’s decent CDR and Time Dilation allows you to have good uptime on Mark of Torment as well, providing a much needed defense boost alongside Blood of Dreeg & Dryad for constant healing.

But TPOM, only 80% RR on a Vitality Build? ARE YOU MAD?

Yes, having to fight Kuba with the Leeching mutator messes your chances with the timer, but outside of that, Reap Spirit does a truckload of damage to bust through all sorts of defenses, and having good pet buffs like Shepherd’s Call, Dying God, and Harp gives me great damage that I couldn’t get if I changed my devotion route to get something like Scales - which is 20 RR, but only hits one target and is not targetable.

Enough talk, how about you see the build in action:


unless you’re doing cruci, where i’m told the confuse can be annoying for clear times, what about ill omen instead for dmg reduct? it reduces more for less investment ? :thinking:

I take Ravenous Earth over Ill Omen because it’s a much better devotion proccer so I can attach Wendigo’s Mark on targets and get the sustain. Ill Omen ticks once per second (like other skills like Curse of Frailty), Wendigo’s Mark has a 15% activation, and if your target is coming from across the screen, then you have to wait until it’s off cooldown before you can place Ill Omen on it.

I do use Ill Omen in many of my other Necromancer builds, but in this case, Ravenous Earth is better since the damage reduction applies as long as the enemy’s over the pile of bile, and allows you to facetank easier so that you can stack multiple Gate of Many Worlds for damage.

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