V1.1.9.1 Discussion

I’d like to suggest removing Axe requirement for Berserker devo. Or at least add Mace to requirement pool too.
This devo is really rare guest in builds. From time to time I think about adding this to Avenger’s or Gutsmasher’s build ( have doubts if it would be best choice), but Mace don’t let me do this.


As a vanilla GD player, I feel that Fabius is a bit too strong right now.
He’s hard to kite because of his constant Shadow Strikes and his instant Blade Barrier can really ruin your day while you’re attacking him in melee.
And that’s fine, he’s a Nemesis after all.
But with the recent buff the invincible Blade Spirits made him a tad ridiculous, I think. I fought him about a couple dozen times with different builds and he almost always waits until you’re attacking to summon the Spirits and then use Blade Barrier, sometimes healing with Pneumatic Burst right after. The problem is that the B Spirits deal a metric ton of bleed damage and their projectiles reach far as well, just two of them make meleeing Fab seriously difficult. You now can’t life steal from nor destroy them, and their hitboxes blocking your hits often allow Fabius to get away and Shadow Strike you instantly at point blank range, often resulting in a quick ticket to the afterlife. Kiting is problematic because of the Spirits shotgunning you even at long distance, melee is very difficult to sustain for more than a few seconds due to very high constant bleed, Blade Barriers and 0 range Shadow Strikes you can’t dodge because the Spirits are blocking you. Also, this is something I can’t know for sure but it seems to me the item affixes changes now allow Fabius to spawn with seriously stacked green weapons and gear much more often, something that makes fights unpredictably difficult on top of the recent buffs. My suggestion would be to make the Spirits vulnerable again or decrease their damage, to allow not super crafted builds to have a decent shot at beating him.

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Speaking of Vindictive Flame, in the Ulzuin Wrath they deal lightning damage, can you please add modifier to change the lightning damage to fire or aether on Rage of Agrivix, same goes for other Vindictive Flame item that support other damage types like Pagar or Ember Guard.

I have suggestion for 3 pets items and I believe it may be last chance to finally made it.

I found 3 items with “chance on death” for summoners - which is pretty much useless considering it’s not gonna happen since player have to make finish blow - what’s going to do that, curse of frality? Or another skill with 5 damage?

https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9113 - Mythical Bonescavenger’s Deathgrips, no reason to not make it “on attack”.

https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9319 - Mythical Black Scourge - with chance “on attack” this summon could be little bit too hard considering how strong chaos damage is on pets (pure or supportive), just scale it down a little if that’s the case.

https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9329 - Mythical Dracarris - with “on attack” it can be obviously to strong but as above - scale down pets bonuses. I don’t know how about player’s, it’s proccing very often with some casters but me and other builders tryied it and it’s not good for player based characters so maybe no need to do anything on this side.


You need global conversion to change damage on ulzuin wrath afaik

Even without the Bound Spirits, Bonescavenger’s Deathgrip is a stacked item due to the pet conversions and total speed.

Sadly, Dracarris is a bit of a meme, and that has to do more with the serious lack of skill points for Demo pet builds and fierce competition from Salazar’s Blade. At least Arcanist has Gate to Many Worlds for extra pets and good modifiers; Demo just doesn’t have enough good equipment to support pet builds nowadays.

I don’t know, I’ve been having decent results with fire Dervish https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbq6eY2 which makes use of all the global conversions from the set, even if I didn’t find a way to get 100% cold conversion.

TLDR: Need another item with some aether->pierce conversion

Currently this epic chest is the only existing item that has any aether->pierce conversion. Mythical Amarastan Pauldrons
This is a Battle Mage concept for that. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZo0RnEN

Obviously it needs work and would be better with a pulsing shard, but my suggestion is to add another item with 25% aether to pierce, which is very much in line with most set/MI 2 piece 50% conversions.

I’d suggest putting ~25% aether->pierce conversion on a shield, mostly because I think a shield might encourage a BM-style variety. But it could also go on a Medal, etc. or anything, really.

Ultimately this is not a game-breaker as likely no builds of this conversion exist, but it could add more variety.

One thing I forgot to add regarding Infernal Brimstone;

It’s not a whole RATA item, it’s not a caster item, and it’s not a proper AA item. Since first two has more proper options; I think it should have phys>fire conversion.

You can’t get that conversion from any sort of gear or sets so it should be the weapon. For FS it’s not needed much but it’s a 2H Mace that focus on Burn damage so clearly RF line is more suitable for that matter and because of no conversion(As you can see above with my build) you end up with stupid amount of unconverted physical and trauma damage.

Build already not that great, especially when it comes to hitting with your big 2h fiery mace. Having some %40-60 phys>fire conversion will be a good buff and won’t make the build owerpowered. Or simply you can add a Righteous Fervor modifier to it that converts physical into fire.

I use those legs for the same reason, freed up points to use elsewhere for a small skill boost or be able to swap rings as you’ve done.

You’re using AAR without an offhand :thinking:

This topic will automatically close in 14 days. :smile:

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Can we get some physical or fire (or both) support on rings for the WPS Smite?

There is no ring that gives + skill points to Smite, and unless I go for some very specific setup, I can’t get this WPS to max ultimate rank.

Smite seems to have a lot of support for all damage types, but it has very feel options to support its default damage type.

On an unrelated note… why is that the only Hand component that adds attack speed, is a chaos themed component, namely Consecrated Wrappings? Would really like to see more options to add attack speed for other Hand components, like on Spellwoven Threads.

Which means in about 21 days the patch will come :clown_face:

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Please add some lightning and elemental support for Mortar Trap. Currently, we have Mythical Rune of Elgoloth that is made with lightning mortar in mind, but aside from the proc it is pointless to use with Stormheart being more valuable for its fire > lightning conversion. On a side note, Terrnox’s Arcane Tomes drop mostly with fire damage affixes, making farming for lightning variants extremely difficult.

I’ve also tried making lightning + fire or tri-elemental mortar builds but there aren’t any Mortar Trap weapons that support both of those damage types. On top of that, the recent update made Mortars attack 10% slower and compensated with adding DOT damage to The Big One, but getting DOT% on elemental builds is very difficult or downright impossible, with many supporting items like Cortosian Scrolls and Boots of Primordial Rage providing no DOT% damage. I’m not even sure if it’s possible to max out The Big One for the standard fire damage mortar builds with good burn damage.

Finally, please consider adding some more hybrid support for Mortar Trap builds aside from Pyran set. Options seem very lackluster ATM. Anderos Amplifier deals fire + cold damage making autoattack builds very problematic, needing conversions or tri-elemental damage. Celestial Stone of Halakor is good for lightning Mortar but Storm Totem +1 seems unusable without cooldown reduction modifiers. Mythical Dread Mask of Gurgoth is an example of what I consider a good hybrid Mortar Trap item.

A shield for Commandos would be nice to have, I find Mortar Traps to synergize really well with stationary tanks but only way that seems possible right now is by stacking a ridiculous amount of health regen or using inquisitor seal 22/22.

Here’s the only mortar build I have for reference. I haven’t touched it since 1.1.8 https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyX7eqV Note the terrible off-hand I spent hours farming for.

Well, with the shard you can do something traditional like this currently: Pierce AAR/CT BM.. You’d never have energy problems.

I’m leaning towards another piece being a shield and showed one in the example. There are lots of other potential BM combos for pierce. (Trozan, Devastation, etc.). And there are a some Necro combos that could use the conversion in interesting ways… etc. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.

Increase drop rate for Manticore Eyes or add an exchange option in blacksmiths. :pray:t4:


Goredrinker set really needs some more support for pierce Cadence. Either some flat pierce or or attack speed on some of the pieces to actually support the AA side of it. It would also be better to swap the 4pc Fighting Form bonus to +3 to Cadence. Almost every piece of pierce AA gear has a fighting form bonus, it’s completely redundant where it is right now.


I know retal is not exactly loved right now, but outside of converted Physical retal and Acid Sentinel of the Three set (and maybe Lightning Retal but only with Dawnbreaker Legendary Set), the retal “meta” revolves around the same gearing and skills, and the items that try to do something different are so awful that it’s impossible to build around.

Case in point: Mythical Crest of Winter Fortitude

Retal Blitz sounds really neat, but it’s only on one item, and that’s a Cold Retaliation item. There’s a whopping 2 items that grant Cold Retaliation, and the other item gives bonuses to Star Pact, Chilling Rounds, ABB, and Reprisal. Nightblade’s Merciless Repertoire, Occultist’s Aspect of the Guardian, and Demo’s Temper all give retaliation % bonuses, but there are very few items that grant flat Retal and % retaliation bonuses.

Outside of Physical, Retal is also very hard to route devotion-wise, as most of the devotion procs are on Block, making it useless for 2H retal items that don’t use a Shield. Not too many devotions are used for their RATA, and the only useful relic that grants it is an Oathkeeper relic, meaning if you’re not using Oathkeeper, you’re screwed when it comes to good relic bonuses.

Mind you, Retal Blitz isn’t the only one lagging in support. Grenado has Shattering Blast, DEE used to have a node for RATA, but even if removes it, there’s the Bramblevine Shield, and a few other Legendary items grant RATA here and there, and yet the retal meta is basically reduced to Beronath Sword and Honor relic. The lack of % Retal bonuses and terrible gearing make these basically non-options.


Hello Crate , I hope you add movement speed stats to purple and green devotion path. thank you!