[] Chaotic Spirits - a Chaos Reap Spirit Hybrid Pet Build [SR80 Complete]

Great job on the FX change - I love how much it gives Reap Spirit the chaos look

I had been hoping to show off a pet build using the Black Scourge weapon for a long, long time. The common wisdom is to do away with hybrid pet / summoner playstyles, and for the most part, it’s true. However, I have to thank the team for not giving up on this weapon, as I love the concept of being able to cast spells and summon these creatures on Enemy Death.

The great part about a Chaos Cabalist is that the pets that are doing nearly all of the damage are either immortal - as in the case of Reap Spirit - or are easy to summon quickly and have powerful On-Death effects - as in the case of Blight Fiend and the Black Scourge critters.

[] Chaos Reap Spirit Cabalist

Sources of RR
Fiendgaze Tome = -15% Chaos RR
Occultist Conduit = -15% Chaos RR
Eldritch Fire Devotion Proc = -35% Chaos RR
Symbol of Solael = -10% Chaos RR
Acid Spray Devotion Proc = 28 flat RR
Total Chaos RR = 103 Chaos RR

Stats Page
Reap Spirit and pet Stats are with permanent buffs, Dying God, and Frenzied Devotion active

Skill Point Allocation
Ignore the free skill points - the Grimtools link has the proper skill point allocation

This build has 3 100% conversions to Chaos: Vitality (from the 2 rings), Cold (from the Off-hand), and Physical (Off-hand + Consecrated Blade). The Cold + Vitality conversions make Reap Spirit 100% Chaos damage, and the Physical + Vitality conversion makes Blight Fiend a fitting choice, especially as previous versions of this build had really poor AoE. Although the pet stats tab only lists a 1,271% Total Damage, it does not count specific damage types: when you combine Mythical Fiendmaster Raiment, one of the Voidwhisper Ring Procs, 22/12 Hellfire, and the 370% Chaos damage from Dying God, both you and your pets have around 2,000% Chaos damage, which is pretty neat considering how hard it is to balance both the player stats and pet stats. Pet Cabalists are very point-starved in general, so to make use of Bysmiel’s Domination and its amazing proc, we take as many “All Skills in Occultist + Necromancer” as possible - the head slot and the belt. Sadly, that means none of the items have %Pet Speed in them, but we use a combination of 22/12 Manipulation, Dying God, and Frenzied Devotion to give the pets acceptable speed.

For defense, especially as we’re using Dying God and its health Drain, we focus on Health Regeneration, including taking Behemoth, Dryad’s Blessing (which goes perfectly with Reap Spirit), and equipment choices like Mythical Undying Oath, which also gives pets 20 flat Chaos damage thanks to the Blood of Dreeg modifier. Frenzied Devotion gives a huge 30% Physical and Elemental Resistance, and it’s huge when fighting hard-hitting Nemeses like Kubacabra and Reaper.



Btw, how important is armor to this build? Because if some of it can be sacrificed, Bonescavenger can be taken: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GY9y5Z

Thanks to the general monster resistance nerf and the buff to Call of the Grave, this build is now able to beat Reaper in SR65-66 as long as you don’t have the monster Chaos resistance modifier. I wouldn’t recommend fighting it in the small room, but with adding numerous boss realms, I have high hopes that the other areas will have room to kite around as well.

That makes it a sure-fire SR65-66 farmer, as you can beat nearly all combinations and the two Nemeses with the highest Chaos resistance without worries, and the 3 preceding shard rooms have been very easy to get to the boss room with plenty to spare.

No real changes between and, except switching the Obelisk right node to the left node and shifting augments and components to grab Bonescavenger Deathgrips.

I never expected a day where a hybrid pet build would be able to beat SR80, but here it is!

Grimtools is updated in the first post, images will have to come later. Main change is that now with Hellfire granting DA, I moved devotion points around to get Shepherd’s Crook, and spending points in Blood of Dreeg to get it to 26/16 for the nice OA boost, Health Regen, and a little more healing which is helpful for keeping the Hellhound alive.


Patch Reap Spirit now summons max 1 pet :rofl:


You are a braver soul than I for trying this in HC. It is not something I would recommend because of the nature of constantly targeting an enemy with Reap Spirit and risking aggro in a way traditional pet builds would not.

It’s hard to recommend equipment replacements considering how reliant you are in getting a lot of Chaos damage and 26/16 Reap Spirit. I would definitely recommend Mythical Mark of Unlife - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database to provide a circuit breaker, but other than that, any other equipment would be sacrificing a lot of offensive potential. I haven’t played this game in a long time, so I can’t provide any specific tidbits on piloting through SR. Best of luck in your playthrough.

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I’ve made many reap builds. Like the poster above said, avoid this for HC. Reap pulls agro to your toon, pet build typically don’t like that. Or, be very careful :slight_smile:

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